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INTRO Hello Guys in new to this forum as you can see.

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Feb 22, 2020
Hey guys, I just finished listening to MJ DeMarco's book The Millionaire Fastlane which introduce me to this forum. I don't yet have a business but I am actively looking for a venture which I can do as a side project while I work my regular 9-5 job which is very demanding. I reasoned I would need to do something that is online or semi-online based on my work schedule. My initial goal is to start a venture in which profits cover my living expenses (rent, bills, groceries) then expand to equal my current monthly salary (119,781jmd or abt 857usd). I live in Jamaica so don't be surprised at the figure, we are what most 1st world countries call 3rd world state after all.
My short-term goal is to develop a source of income from business that frees me from my 9-5 job after which I would quit my job to pursue my business full time with the medium-term goal of creating a self-sustaining business and passive investments which intern would grant me the financial freedom to pursue my passions and interest.

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