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INTRO Hello from Sri Lanka


New Contributor
Oct 18, 2018
Hello everybody. My name is Shasanka Fernando. I'm a 27 years old programmer who has become fed up with passing my days on the slow lane. I came across TMF and this forum while I was doing a web search on best books on entrepreneurship . For me, it was a huge life changer. From the moment I finished reading the first chapter, a new path to real success opened before me and at the same time, I felt the everything I had been told about getting rich was BS.
Talking about me, I love programming and does a lot of reading of self help books on variety of subjects which is why I'm so keen on reading about entrepreneurship. I see entrepreneurship as one of my meaningful purposes of life apart from the benefits mentioned in TMF. But reading about it itself isn't enough as it seems and you need to take measurable action. That's why I see this forum as THE right place to get going. Here, I see all fellow forum members share their great ideas and entrepreneurial experiences on execution and many other topics.
I'm more than happy to find like minded set of entrepreneurs in this forum who are helping each other to get ahead on their fast lane dreams by providing some huge value. I'm looking forward to make my Fastlane-entrepreneurial journey by taking action while contributing to this forum whenever possible.
Have a nice day and a happy journey ahead. Apologies for my bad English :-D.

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ZF Lee

Platinum Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Jul 27, 2016
Good to have you here.

Your English is alright.
Any plans to sell your programming skill or make a product with that?
Or still working on that?


New Contributor
Oct 18, 2018
Thanks a lot ZF Lee. Nothing special happening for now. I'm currently working on some small web projects. But l will definetely look forward to start developing some great apps as a first step towards fast lane.

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