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INTRO Hello from Slovenia


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Jan 6, 2019

my name is Bostjan (Slovene version of Sebastian) Jerko (pronounce Yerko) and I come from Slovenia.
As far as I can tell I'm not the only one from here, so hello to all Slovene people and all of you too :)
Anyway - I'm self employed for long time, but lately I started to really work on myself, what I want from life ....
The areas I'm currently involved are developing in the area of Internet of things (electronics, programming, network) and I am also Slovene sign language interpreter and I've started a business around connecting interpreters and users of sign language online, so the interpreters don't need to go to the location thus saving time and money.
What I just found out is that I'm not really sure how to continue with the project so I connected with local startup environment to get a business mentor and I'm also starting growing as a businessman (and not just a regular self employed person).

The main task/vision/idea for 2019 is more networking with people since in 2018 I was meeting only work related people and I would like to "expand the horizon" :)

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May 27, 2015
Hi Bostjan! Welcome to the forum :)

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