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INTRO Hello everyone!

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New Contributor
Oct 4, 2020
Hello fellow fastlaners.I just wanna introduce myself to you,this unbelievably special forum with lots of amazing people!!Guess I should begin with my life story which is hard.
Life story
I was born in a poor family in Eastern Europe.Soviet union had a huge impact in my country,so we have like these flats/dorms where poor families live,we call it (Barak).I shared and still do my room with my mom ,dad and sister.For 17 years(im 17 rn) ive been living between four walls with 3 people.Next to us in the other room we have a neighbour with whom we share a toilet and a shower.U cant imagine what kind of neighbors i had in 17 years(new neighbors would often change).From an alcoholic who smelled really bad and would often piss on the floor instead of toilet cause he would be too drunk to piss properly,to a f*cking crackhead and the list goes on.We would often find ourselves not being able to sleep at night cause the neighbour would be yelling,drinking and listening to music on max volume.My parents would often fight,and even tho i love them both ,my dad is an alcoholic too,and he has some problems with it but i still love him.I had dreams of being a pro baller,but due to genetic disadvantages (im not tall)and etc i realised im not gonna make it.I was a popular guy,i would hangout with friends do some stupid stuff,go to parties,but I realised that its not for me.I knew deep inside of me that this kind of lifestyle was not for me.Once the C0VlD 19 started i was home everyday cause of quarantine and somehow i came across a video “The summary of The Millionaire fastlane ”.Since that day,everything has changed.I’ve read over 10 books in a year,and even though its not that much ,before that i wasnt able to read a page without being forced to do it.I never knew that non fiction books were a thing.Ever since i was a kid i always felt different.Not that i am special in any way,I would often question the paradigms in my life,why this,why that?So the Unscripted lifestyle makes perfect sense to me.This whole world is a massive lie,and rat race is the worst of them all.Back to my parents,my mom works 5/6 days a week for 14-15 hours a day.I can’t bare it anymore.The struggle that my mom meets everyday(waking up at 4am),stupid neighbours,low income,no actual freedom cause at weekends she is practically dead after a long work week and has no energy to go out somewhere.My FTE is this right here.Yes i want a cool car,i want to have a beautiful house,but giving my parents,my sister a chance to actually live,do whatever they want to do,travel across the world is my biggest WHY.I am ready to die trying,but until i see my parents happy i wont stop.I really wanna thank you M.J for letting me discover this totally different lifestyle ,thanks for making me alive again.Even though i havent really made something valuable that would allow me to reinvest my revenue into a money system,ur books ,this forum,other books made me realise that i need to leave my comfort zone,and now 2021 summer,i finally got my first job that will allow me to explore entepreneurship a little bit more with a little bit more money in my bank account.Im finally beginning my process and one day hopefully my old friends,relatives will see the main event.Me being financially free and living my life to the fullest.
I wanna thank you all,and now.. 1/5/10 Planasy begins.

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
I've Read Rat-Race Escape!
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome Arnold, wishing you the best on your journey.


Bronze Contributor
I've Read Rat-Race Escape!
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Mar 24, 2021
London, UK
Welcome to the forum!
Where are you from if you don’t mind?


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Jul 14, 2020
Welcome @Arnoldd, great to have you here. Keep at it and you'll do well. No dream is too big.

A wise man once said:

You got the short stick, now what? Do you wait and hope to be given a longer one? Expect sympathy and coddling from others? Give up and dabble in despair?

No. You sharpen it and jab it into the heart of every obstacle that sets itself in your way.


I had dreams of being a pro baller,but due to genetic disadvantages (im not tall)and etc i realised im not gonna make it.
Are you saying there have never been successful short pro ballers?

Look, never reject yourself before someone else even has the chance to. Let the world push back while you're going after it. And even then don't give up so easily. You'll discover that failures are not as bad as you think.

Genetic disadvantages... smh. Limiting beliefs - don't go there.

Good luck and stick around.

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