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Apr 20, 2019
I'm new here. First of all, when someone like me reads the book and then decides to join the forum and write something it's a good thing. It means this is not another "usuful" book which helps me to grow and get rich but something more. I got a lot of inspiration out of the book "Fastlane millionaire". I liked the book. It was really not a typical book of this kind as the title of the book could suggest so at first I put it aside. It was my second attempt when I read it and it was a real page-turner. There's a lot of wisdom in this book. Don't follow the crowd. Actually this book teaches you how to think independently or encourages you to do so. There is one risk if a lot of people read this book you kind of cannot copy the wisdom from the book because it has already so many followers. So you should find your way. And you can of course not agree with the author in some points. There's no "recipe" given in this book.
I'd only say it's also important to find your way to being special and everybody of us has potential to discover. Even when you're rich you need to have passions so that you won't get bored easily. Your passions should be cultivated like plants so that they can grow with time and your life becomes more meaningful and interesting. I think this aspect of cultivating your talents was not emphasised in the book. Sometimes maybe being someone special is a shorter way to being rich than building a system or a profitable website. Even when you're building a system you need to be better than the others. There's a lot of competition and you need to be one of the best. Not everyone can be reach. And in my opinion you need to balance everything and make sound decisions in life. Or time is limited and sometimes a really big and time-consuming effort with no guarantee of success is not the best way. You need to have fun along the way too because everything is unpredictable. So it's all complicated, not easy but there's also a lot of fun and joy in life even if you're not terribly rich.
I'll come back to the book so that not to loose what's inside because it's easy to loose it. I'll read a lot of books and I'll use my time wisely. For sure I know I can also do it. Don't know how much time I'll need. For everybody it's different. So better not to assume a couple of years. But it should be a continous effort with no giving up but only some pauses along the way to recharge batteries. And..a lot of fun along the way!!!
A few words about myself. I live in Poland where right now are many possiblities. I worked for more than 8 years in corporations from 7 to 3 or from 8 to 4 or typically from 9 to 5. But I quit last year. It was definitely too long. Still trying to find my way but now everything gets clearer and clearer. My way of thinking changed and that's the most important. Now I decided to start my business. I have a lot of ideas. I'm working on finding balance and focus on one thing. It's not easy. I know only I need to work hard and "think".
All the best to all people in this forum! Good health and strong spirit!

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