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Having money and how to deal with it

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Jul 28, 2013
Ok, I don't have as much money as quite a few here, but I just recently bought a 3 bedroom home outright with cash, which felt like a pretty big milestone. It caused me to reflect deeply on my relationship with money in general and just recently I figured out how to deal with the knowledge I had money.

Now, for most people if you see a lot of money in your bank you think "how do I spend this to get more" "how do I use this to get somewhere, be somebody". You get this uncomfortable feeling and there is a temptation to just think "you are better now". But believing you are better is a trap, it makes you complacent and stupid and it isn't all that hard to lose money and make those words hollow and tragic. How many people get money quick, think they have it solved then lose it all a few years later? A lot of people. So I made sure with myself to not do this, to not act rashly, and to be very calm, very consistent, to breathe, and just think this all through.

What I have come to realize is that cash has two modes, the first is STATIC where it is leaking away, helping support costs that pile up, and slowly it vanishing. In a few years it will be gone because you thought it was easier to lean on your savings and allowed yourself to get careless bit by bit in everything else. The second mode of money, is that it is LEVERAGE, and I do not mean that it ought to be used to make more money, no, what I mean is YOU ARE IN A PROCESS OF CLIMBING OVER HURDLES, and money is like this lever pushing you hard to go further.
Now, if you have cash, the temptation is to become static, but the smart move is to view the money as not for support costs, but as a reminder to PUSH HARDER, to get over hurdles and go further, stronger, longer, better.

Finally my realisation on handling money is this,
Don't get distracted by having
Remain clear headed, and try to become truly bigger as a person than the money you own.
Not with cheap words but through actions that will take you forwards, bigger, better, and stronger. Don't ever treat your money as cheap or like words and verbal diarrhea, don't treat yourself or your actions that way either. You focus hard, you push hard, and you make affordable and good dreams.

Maybe I'll never make huge money, but I know how to face the facts of what I have and how to come to terms with what I have to do to get by. To have this mindset is more important than "I'm going to be a billionaire just you wait and see!", because that is just talk, hot air.

Keep your ambitions, but also just be focused, mature, and understand where you can lose out and how to get by.
I'm a little bummed that I "only" bought a home. Its a crazy stupid feeling. But at some points in life you just have to say to yourself, okay, that was the best I could do for right now, swallow your pride, don't be a baby about it, plant your flag in the ground and try to start again, and go further this time.

Walking through my house the first time I started shaking, thinking "what is this?", and "how can I be here?", and yes it is SILLY in many ways to be like that, but the road is so hard you know? And with every fiber of my being I know how hard it is, and out of that tremor has come the desire to "protect" to be truer, to be stronger, to find more and be more, and to appreciate what little I have.

I know I'm not "rich", I'm an easily squashed bug. But to have the courage to admit that isn't all that easy. But in admitting it, I am focused and I know I need to be better, and not just to get a house and food, no it is more than just about essentials and luxuries its about who I am and who I'm willing to become, in order to be protected and protect others.

Money, without meaning, is just a bad smell. An odor people want to be rid of.
But if you act like your money is bullsh*t you too will start to smell. You will start to want to get rid of yourself (or the part of you that is full of crap) and as a result IMPLODE and lose your money. But you got to understand that selfish thinking for what it really is, and clean yourself up, legitimize your earnings and say, "this means something" and know what it means.

I know what my current situation means, it means "be brave" and "believe in yourself", and the money I now have, IS that meaning, so I fight to protect it.

I have a long way to go still, I feel it in my gut
And I guess I want to be "strong" if that makes any sense
And that is my new goal
And I believe that is how to handle money

Or at least part of the equation
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