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INTRO Hallo Friends!


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Jun 8, 2019
Im happy I found you and I hope to get intresting talks with you.
I m still on the slow line and allways thinking about wheater its a good choice to change the line.
Why? My slowline is not a bad one. I earn much money and my free time amount is quite high for the slow line.
So I allways doubt, if my line is right or not.
Im an Ingenieur in the Cars Industrie.
When I d do it, I d try it part time.
My problem: I m love bike riding and do it in every free minute.
Well. Tell me, should I make a change or not?
When I was young, I had some businesses, which run good while studying.
Than I got my dream job and did it for 25 years and its still a great job i love. But its not scaling.

So, am I rich or not? I m so full of doubts.

Thanks for reading

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jun 8, 2019
I ll ad some words about me:
I m 54, live in Germany, my job delivers 100k at about 20 hrs/week. A career is uninteresting in relation to money and hours.

When I was young, I had organized a Flohmarkt. I dont know the expression in english. a kind of jumble sale, where anybony can rent a place for his sale.
That was a good business, but depended from weather very much.

The other business was a bike and cars parts sale. That was too much work with little profit, which I dmainly did for finance my hobby and for tax saving reasons.

I stopped my entrepreneurship, when I started the job. Raised childs, got a house.

But it was only the last year, that I thought about a new business. As my slowlane job earns about 60-120/hr, the selfimposed level of the business is quite high.

I read books like get rich in poor times or how to get friends and similar since I was 15 years old and lived many details of my life that way.

When I read 4 hrs/Ferris, I saw, that I did many things like he wrote (whereas I must say, Ferris never had to take real responsibillity, as he has no children; a big shortcomming in his book)

recently I read Fastlane/DeMarco, which again showed some new aspects and is in my opinion very strait compared with many other books, which seem to be made ONLY to sell many pages books.
Ok, sometimes its hard to stay at the book as its quite long, but...

In the present time, I try to get information about building internet shops; but in m o thats very hard for an quite old man as I am.

So I have some business ideas, which I muse about

-recovery food supplements via internet
-physiotherapy praxises
-potency remidy food supplements

thanks for reading
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