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CRYPTO INVESTING Hacker, Rapper, Entrepreneur ( Thanksgiving at a strip club, sleeping on floors and losing crypto fortune)

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Jun 11, 2020
Hey everyone,

I did a couple of software startups in college and ended up getting burned out. I went for broke a couple of times, sleeping on a floor of an apartment, $10 of food a week and maxing out my small bills on credit cards (Song I did on it ). The idea was there, the opportunity was beyond amazing (Met with board of directors for major companies) but the execution was absent and thus we didn't get to launch.
After graduating I still did some entrepreneurial activities but I would classify it more as side hustle than building a business. There were a couple of years were I relied on day trading crypto to supplement my fresh out of college w2.

I have been in and out of the crypto space since I was in college and consider myself pretty technically competent at understanding the technical ins and out of most blockchain/crytpto projects. I had a big project I was looking at launching in 2016 for digital real estate REITs represented by a tokenized version of an ownership share (Song:Bitcoin Dreams) . These tokens would be paid dividends, could vote on new proposals and be traded without needing any personal information. My attorney had a lot to say after talks with the SEC, so I did not pursue. My romantic relationship at the time started to become toxic and taking up significant amount of my time and energy.

In 2017 I was years deep into a pretty toxic relationship which ended around thanksgiving. I remember it being thanksgiving because I spent it that year at a strip club ( Link to song if interested ). Mentally exhausted and emotionally drained I took terrible trading decisions and ended up blowing multiple accounts. If I had just stopped and held on to those accounts I could have easily retired.

I wasted a couple of years after that spending every weekend practicing pickup. There was no business growth, extra skillsets apart from better dealing with cockblocking friends or an extra personal best at the gym. Ironically the better I got at dealing with shallow women, the least I wanted to be around them. I felt extremely existential at this time( I released some 4 albums by that name) Hedonism and materialism was not what I wanted out of life. Eventually I had a spiritual awakening, I wanted to build something I had not done since college. I prepared to get my skills back up and start doing some cybersecurity consulting to build up my clientele.

In my professional career I work as a cybersecurity professional, I do red teaming otherwise commonly called ethical hacker, whitehat hacker or a bunch of other cringe tier terminologies.

This past couple of years has been a onslaught of FTMs which ended up with a very dramatic FTE. I had gotten sued by my HOA early into the pandemic and ended up losing a decent amount in legal fees (settled out of court).
I have carryover capital losses for the next 30 years and I am not even 30 yet (I bet heavily against junk bonds during the start of the pandemic. The FED ended up heavily buying the fund I had puts on). I still owed money come tax time.

I am frustrated and feel a lack of not only community but disconnect with like minded individuals. I will be bluntly honest and admit that I have not launched any product and wasted to much time in the planning stages.

Here Is what I am doing to change that:

  • Publishing Illustrated Children's book called "Bitcoin Saves The World" (I will share a ebook to anybody who wants one and hits me up. I am new to publishing. The artwork is beautiful)
  • Genesis Boards. These are custom made circuit board ornaments that light up and have your favorite crypto coin on them (Still waiting on production. This chip shortage is really testing me)
  • Crypto material. The name is pending but it is really simple and easy to follow explanations that are simple enough for my non technical dad to follow.

    The plan is to focus on launching since I had a backlog of projects that I mostly completed but never launched. I am focusing on being able to get to market and not worrying on the small details which don't matter in the big picture.
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MJ DeMarco

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Thanks for the intro, some interesting projects in the works.


Jun 11, 2020
MJ DeMarco" data-source="post: 970139" class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--expandable bbCodeBlock--quote js-expandWatch">
Thanks for the intro, some interesting projects in the works.
Thanks for the reply MJ! Loved millionare fastlane and unscripted . The focus on product first is a breath of fresh air. I will for sure keep updating

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