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Grow my Instagram

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Hello. I’m a newbie here.

I’ve decided to Instagram to grow an audience while I work on a book I’d like to self publish. Hopefully, my instagram audience will be potential buyers of the book. My page is a personal account, so it’s a bit harder to attract people I think.

I’m trying to get knowledgeable on what it takes to grow followers in 2018. I just spent £20 for a share on someone’s story. I had a couple of followers from that. I’ll go through what I’ve learnt so far and my goals.

10 followers per day. 3650 followers a year. Obviously growth isn’t linear, but that’s my minimum amount I’d like.

Post one high quality photo a day.
With 30 tags that are related.
Interact with commenters of my post.
Comment on large pages similar to mine.
Write interesting well written content with photo.
Get a shout out from big pages. Tag pages in photo.
Update stories regularly so I appear in the explore section.
Powerlikes. Get a like from a big page. Should push me into the explore section.

Does anyone have anymore tips on strategy or method? I’d love to update you all on how I get on.

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