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Google Lawsuit - What if Google disappeared?

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Oct 30, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Just heard about this on the news.

It made me think about what MJ says about the commandment of control. My business relies heavily on google.

For all the digital advertisers out there... if Google disappeared tomorrow, would your business survive?

How would your business adapt?

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Nov 7, 2017
Sydney Australia
Great question.
I feel like at this point, Google dominates so much that they almost ARE the internet. They have their fingers in so many pies. Like:
  • 5.6 billion Google Searches per day
  • Youtube with 5 billion videos watched per day
  • Google Analytics installed on over 29 million websites
  • Chrome installed over 2 billion times
That's just a few. I wonder if a government actually tried to bring them down with legislation, how would they adapt? It would change the face of the internet and many of us would need to change big things.

The best way to protect yourself?
  • Build an audience that you have control over - Email, for example, is built into the fabric of the internet and can't be so easily shutdown like or by a platform
  • Build multiple businesses in multiple areas. Online, offline, different niches, b2c, b2b, etc.
  • Advertise with multiple audiences in multiple platforms. Don't just stick with Google Ads - that's like all the agency owners only advertising on Upwork, building up their agency, and then losing that lead source once Upwork changes its policies. Last week Upwork came down with some very strict new policies that stop you sending prospects off the platform or communicating outside the platform until you create a contract with them.

I don't think it's happening anytime soon with Google, but it does involve the Control part of the CENTS framework. When looking long-term, Google can't last forever.

I realised this in 2019 and now I've been expanding out my brand into multiple areas so I'm not relying on one source of growth or one source of income.

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