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Getting Ready for Commercial REI

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Sep 25, 2007

My name is Mike. Im relatively new to the entreprenurial and wealthy mindset, but nevertheless confident. I can practically feel the money flowing into my pockets right now!
But I have yet to do a deal. Me and my business partner are in the process of forming a corporation to hold our various commercial properties.
I have unlimited enthusiasm and gusto but I still have a lot to learn.
Im not daunted but rather challenged. Im juiced on taking control of my own life and living RICH!!!:cheers:
I really need some more insight into the financial aspects of starting the company. Paying various professionals in the necessary fields before the project is completed. I know once we are on our feet this wont be an issue, but getting the corporate credit to work for us.....

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Aug 2, 2007
Palm Beach, FL
Re: Salutations...

Welcome to the fastlane, Mike. :)


Sep 25, 2007
Welcome! Where do you plan on doing your investing?

Not really sure quite yet. For our first couple of property acquisitions we want to focus on the west coast, most likely in a market close to the sacramento valley. From my research I have gathered that this market is in phase 5 a good time to buy. However other factors like rising unemployment and future water problems concern me but make me think. I think a good project would be to create a multi use community that could create jobs and taxable income for the city, have an onsite water treatment facility and contain well over 2000 units spread out under multifamily, single family, and commercial properties. However thats too long term to really put alll my focus on right now. Im looking for multifamily property acquisitions that are poorly managed and below fair market value. Our company will then add value and effective management to increase cashflow over time. The problem is finding one of these diamonds in the rough!! :smxF:

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