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general question about coporate american salarys

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New Contributor
Oct 23, 2007
i actually have not work in a corporate america office job yet. i might be soon. so that might be another step up the ladder for me. right now its only bad retail- poor paying jobs which i only get 10.00 hr. the people i currently know started out at 40k to 60k. i was wondering whats an average first year office job salary these days is everyone getting. i know it varys very much. but how about office workers on this board? when you started on the first year, what was the starting pay for an corporate america office job? i just want a clue of what office workers are getting these days.i know it varys by job. but it would be helpful to get a clue for me. :smx8:

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Jul 25, 2007
Endicott, New York, United States
We start most office staff at $10-14/hour.

Specialists, such as Project Managers might start at $1200 - $1500/week for "as many hours as it takes".

We start specialists higher, and drop them quickly if they don't perform.

General office help starts lower, and has a bit more leeway in the learning curve.


New Contributor
Dec 3, 2008
Bay Area | Hong Kong
My friend with a Mechanical Engineering degree got hired for 58,500 (Madison, WI).

My friend with a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering works for GE and makes ~65K and GE is paying for his masters. (East Coast).

I got offered a Cingular Management Position, they paid 36K + bonuses, they said average first year managers make about 50K. (Atlanta, Georgia).

Right now, I just had my third interview with Wells Fargo, and the branch manager said the starting salary varies from 38K to 45K depending on experience + bonuses/commission. (Bay Area)

Honestly, I would rather have a job where it is incentive based just because it keeps you motivated.

Hope this helps bud.


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Aug 29, 2007
Aurora, Co
It also varies depending on where you are planning to work. A 40k salary may be decent for say small town Oklahoma, but would be damn near poverty inside a major city like New York. I would look on a few websites like or Many have comparisons that would be available. To be honest I think that is the best way to find your answer. Its just way to damn wide and vague to answer simply.

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