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MARKETPLACE Fox's Web Design Guide: Earn $100K this year (Yes, 2020!) and Go Fastlane

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Aug 19, 2015
I'm thinking of signing up, but this sounds too good to be true.. For how long will this be running?

I want to see your youtube content/forum posts first to see if you're the real deal before applying.

Sorry if I sound disrespectful, but I'm very skeptical when it comes to get rich quick stuff..
Should be easy enough to find my threads.

Youtube is here: Fox Web School

It will be running the rest of the year.

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Jul 3, 2020
Should be easy enough to find my threads.

Youtube is here: Fox Web School

It will be running the rest of the year.
Do you mean it will be possible to join until the end of the year for a one year course? And what happens after that?

I tried to study web development by myself but then I got lost, mostly because after learning the base I just copied the coding from YT videos to "learn" new things (action faking).

But I have a 9 month baby girl and a full time job, I don't know if my time available will be enough for this..


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Jun 8, 2020
Just a quick question, is it possible to communicate only via e-mail or text messages? I am not a native english speaker and I think my accent and mistakes will scare future customers away. I am not afraid to try though, but I just think I will not have as much success because of that.
Im not native english speaker either. I have a thick accent but tbh I think that accent is our advantage. Right now I run completely different business but it helps with sales etc. Everything its just a mindset

Hadiatou BARRY

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Jun 28, 2020
This year has been quite crazy so far, and a lot of people have reached out to ask me if web design is still a good option. While this is a marketplace post about my coaching program, it will also be a good general guide of the web design opportunities that exist right now.

Is web design still a profitable business in 2020?

You may be thinking, “Sure, web design was great when you started your gold thread in 2016, but what about now?”
Isn’t web design outdated now? Does anyone even still need a website and is it not oversaturated for making money?”

Maybe you have even thought about trying web design in the past, but you were never 100% sure if it was the right thing for YOU to pursue among all the different options out there. The most common questions I still get asked are:
  • How hard is it to learn and make money?
  • Can I learn this with no past experience?
  • How much coding skills do I have to learn to sell websites?
  • How fast can I sell my first project?
  • Is it too late for me to compete against others doing this for years?
  • Can I take this step without getting stuck in something that's NOT right for me?
If any of these questions sound familiar, then keep reading because I’ll answer all these below.

My goal is that by the time you finish reading this thread, you can definitively say either—“Yes, web design is a good option that fits with my long-term Fastlane plans”—or—“No, I can safely rule out web design for now.”

On top of this, you likely want a business to tick some important boxes:

Before we dive into the full thread, I want to quickly mention these points. With anyone on here considering making a change in 2020, these points are probably going to be on your mind. So I have covered them directly upfront:
  • You are looking for a viable business model that can actually work - no playing around
  • You’re looking for a business model with very little or no downside risk
  • You need to be cash-flow positive in a short amount of time. You can’t wait all year to start making money.
  • You don’t have the ability to invest $10,000s to buy a business or be able to order a bunch of inventory
  • You don’t want to have to go back to zero and start entirely from scratch—or even worse, try to get a job
  • You want something easy to run with no need for staff, an office, in-person meetings or supply chains
  • You prefer to build a skill set that is transferable if needed and useful in all business areas
  • You also want something that can be part of your bigger long-term Fastlane plan
  • You need to be able to start right away using only the skills and resources you already have
If some or all of this sounds accurate for you, then the good news is web design fits all these criteria. I'll do my best to show you how throughout this thread.

One last intro point to keep in mind about the web design opportunity that exists right now...

Every business on earth is suddenly desperate to sell more.

They need to quickly and correctly secure and grow their revenue streams.

And all their customers only have one main place to interact with them at the moment:


So what does it take to succeed in web design in 2020?

For the last 3+ years, I’ve been lucky enough to help a lot of people get started with web design. Through Fox Web School, this forum, and several other places we have built a great community of people who have learned web design in a practical and profitable way.

I try not to promote too heavily on the forums, but there have been at least 100 members on here I have worked directly with. I also started the Fox Web School YouTube channel that has now over 11,000 subscribers, and we used to have a Facebook group with over 12,000 members.

This has allowed me to work with, teach and coach literally thousands of web designers. What I want to cover below are the clear trends I have noticed on why some of these people succeed, while others get stuck or fail over and over.

Using an approach that works well some students have made very fast progress with zero previous experience. (I'll give specific examples in just a moment.)

They have sold their very first website for MORE than some web designers with 5+ yrs experience have ever made from a single project.
AND the best part is these same students also do an amazing job at helping their clients to make more sales and grow their business.

It is a total win-win for everyone involved.

What I have seen is that when it comes to succeeding or failing with web design, there are a few very different strategies that people follow.

In short—when people follow the right approach, they do very well—with the wrong approach it never works.

“So what are the different approaches and why do some people succeed when others don’t?”

Let's get right into it by first looking at what NOT to do...

The 2 common approaches to web design that WON’T make you profitable (or create freedom)

Wrong Approach #1 – You focus 100% on coding and technical skills instead of learning how to be a well-rounded business person.

95%+ of web designers fail to reach freedom because they spend all the time developing technical skills. They think if they are experts at Javascript or Wordpress they will be in high demand and profitable.

They quickly find out, though, that it just doesn’t work that way. Business owners don’t think in terms of code and design — they instead keep focused on their most important business challenges or problems.

Can you imagine a business meeting where the owner tells his team, “We badly need to put more money into HTML and CSS this month”? That is never going to happen!

What matters most to a business owner is what clearly keeps their business running and growing. These are going to be areas like increasing sales, attracting new customers, or making sure everything is running efficiently.

It is these key business areas where you need to clearly show how you can help.

To succeed you have to present what you can offer in a way that matters to them. If it isn’t easy for them to see the value in what you are selling, they will put it at the bottom of the list with 1,000 other things that need to be done someday.

What gets their attention is “here is how you can get more customersnotI could improve your old Javascript”.

The people who do best don’t focus on selling the technical stuff - instead they look for ways to create value and then make it appealing for a business owner to invest in.
Often they actually have very little or average technical skills.

While advanced coding skills can get you a job, by themselves they won’t make you an entrepreneur. Focusing too heavily on your technical skills usually leads to you just becoming another cog in someone else’s business. With a “must keep learning more code” mindset it is easy to become overqualified without any clear way to make money or sell yourself.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of web designers don’t ever see this and keep heading in the totally wrong direction. And when it fails to work, they mistakenly double down on the exact skills that are already hurting them the most... “I don’t get it - I can code amazing - why can’t I find work?”. I have got a bunch of these types of DMs all the time - it doesn’t work.

Also there are so many easy ways to make a website in 2020 with very basic coding skills and anything extra on top of that can be easily outsourced. The truth is you don’t need to be that good technically to run a profitable web design business. The real skills that make you profitable are often not technical.

(A lot of old school web designers or people who paid big money for coding degrees will disagree. BUT these same people complain they can’t get hired and there are no good clients. Business and selling skills always come first.)

Wrong Approach #2 – You focus on building beautifully-designed, custom-coded websites.

A lot of web design gurus out there will teach people that this is where the money is — spending weeks building fancy, custom-coded websites. But this approach doesn’t work well either.

First, you will end up working around the clock to make the perfect design. When you focus on selling design, you attract clients who think about how things look, rather than how well they work. You’ll have clients focused on the design of every pixel, section, and button. Many times, it means a lot of extra hours added to the project and dozens of rounds of changes.

I am sure some people on here have horror stories of these sort of projects! Design focused projects can be a nightmare.

Secondly, though, very few businesses care about design in the first place. When they don’t know what they want, they might say, “design,” but what they are really after is a solution to a deeper problem.

Your clients don’t really need elaborate custom illustrations, 3D graphics, tons of animations, and award-winning art. They don’t care much about a totally unique, fully custom website that’s nothing like a visitor has ever seen before.

What they are looking for is a real change in their business. They are secretly hoping that the fancy new design helps them get more sales, or brings in new customers. Often when you get to the core issue it was never really about design - it was something bigger they were after.

The cool thing is when you identify what really matters you can get a lot better results with much less work. There are way more effective (and easier) ways to help create sales than spending 100 hours on photoshop making custom graphics.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that visual design is useless or bad. It’s just one of the tools we can use to build great results. Just like with technical skills - it is nice to have but don’t let it be what you rely on to build your web business.


Where both of the above examples go wrong is the same - putting specific skills before an overall approach that works.

Business owners don’t go to sleep thinking of code or design. They are thinking about their actual business.

Web design gets (very) profitable when you start to think bigger than just code and design...

The main reason people succeed with web design is by shifting their mindset to what really matters.
Instead of focusing on code or design they start to look at things from the business owners perspective.

These web designers only focus 20% of their time on learning technical skills and design, but the other 80% on mastering how to use and market those skills.
Many are not the “best” coders or designers, but they understand how to make their skills extremely valuable in the marketplace.

They realize that running a web design business has very little to do with technical skills or your design ability.

>>> It is all about creative problem solving and adding value. <<<

To give some examples, here are a few of the skills you can quickly develop to be running a profitable web design business in a short amount of time:

1) Problem Solving
Learn to see the overall situation and come up with creative solutions that make a difference. This is like the story of the expert who charged $20,000 for fixing one small part in a large factory. He wasn’t paid for the work involved - it was for knowing the right solution
2) Creating Value
This forum knows that money always flows towards value. When you learn to see web design as just a tool to be used to help a business solve their big problems and achieve their big goals, you can quickly increase your prices by 2, 5, 10 or more times. Business owners will always pay well for websites that offer real value.​
3) Master Selling
Businesses need cashflow to survive. And every business is interested in either securing their cashflow or growing it. Most likely both. So knowing how to build a website that helps with sales is a super valuable and profitable skillset. (And knowing how to sell helps you get more bigger and better web design deals, too).​
4) Communicating and Messaging
Along with selling, businesses also need a lot of help making sure they have the right message that reaches the right people. You become extremely valuable when you can help create and improve their messaging. This skill requires you to identify customer needs and understand the marketplace.​
5) Mindset and Self-Management
This is an easy area to work on that gives you a massive boost over the competition. Most web designers struggle with managing themselves and their business. Being able to do both means you can make rapid progress and also see gains in other areas of your life too.​
6) Combining Simple Skills
Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic) calls this ‘Talent Stacking’. It is about combining several skills to create massive value. When you have basic proficiency in a bunch of different areas like web design, copywriting, email marketing and so on you start to open a lot of very profitable opportunities for yourself.​

How many of these require a degree in computer science or a certificate from a fancy design school? None.

But these are the sort of skills that put you at the top of the marketplace. They are what make you profitable and in demand. If you look at any success thread on this forum you are going to see the people who succeeded have used a combination (or all) or these skills.

These types of skills are where you need to be focused to succeed. They are what will set you up for long term success as both a web designer but also in the bigger picture as an entrepreneur.

With that in mind let’s look at how you can get started with learning and developing these core business skills...

A realistic plan to succeed at web design in the short, medium, and long term

There are three main stages you will progress through in your web design journey. These stages also show why web design is such a great way to learn the key skills we talked about above and to prepare for your future Fastlane ventures.

***I’ve included student case studies from people on this forum to show you what to expect at each stage. If you are one of the people (or another student) then feel free to add in more details below if you wish.***

The first stage: Getting started

This is where most people are going to be when they first join the program. You will either have just started learning the basics of code or will have some coding skills but struggle with sales.

The first goal here is to change how you view web design and to focus on what matters most to a business owner. When you can see why they would buy, you can start to align what you are selling with what they want. This makes it a lot easier to sell, but it also means that what they hire you for is much more valuable for them, too. It is 100% win-win.

The second goal is to help develop the best mindset possible for business (and life). After hundreds of emails, facebook messages, and interactions with students, I’ve noticed that mindset is one of the biggest things that holds most people back. So we put a fair amount of focus on helping you to overcome mindset issues such as self doubt, procrastination, perfectionism or poor self-management.

In around 3 months, our students will typically land their first $1,000 project. Getting that first win under your belt feels great and creates a ton of momentum! While this isn’t life-changing money, it’s still a great first milestone, and it helps to validate the fact that you’re building a solid foundation of skills. You’re learning how to sell, how to close deals, and how to manage a project. You’re changing the way you see business. You’re beginning to help others and be in demand.

A good example of this is @Alfie

Alfi started just a few months ago having never coded before. He recently moved to Norway from Indonesia, so he had a few challenges with starting a new business. Once he joined, we got him going in the right direction, and he ended up closing his first deal for 2,000 euros for a coaching business.

The cool thing is that even though it was his first project, he got amazing results for his client and ended up creating a great sales system for both the online and offline part of their business. The owner was very pleased, and Alfi now has a great example project to use to land even bigger future projects.

Another example is @Isaac Oh

Isaac started a few months back and has gone from a $500 project to a $2,500 project to just recently enjoying his first month over $10,000. Keep in mind he only just started to learn code when he joined, too. This isn’t about just charging massive prices either - his clients are getting massive value and huge results from his websites.

Now keep in mind these are some of our top student results, but it goes to show what is possible within just a few months with minimal technical skills, just by working on the right steps in the right order, addressing your mindset and approach, and having the support to keep you on track.

Medium Term (2-3 years):

This is where you start to focus on stabilizing your income and building a solid base of clients and referrals. While we all love a big payday project, to succeed long-term, you also want to build that reliable base of consistent cash flow.

So this stage is all about building the right relationships, helping businesses in a big way, and being seen as more of a trusted advisor than a freelancer.

The cool thing is that as you build more trust with each new client, you also get to learn a lot about how successful businesses grow and thrive. You’ll be getting an inside look at how their businesses run and developing real, transferable skills. On some projects you can get dozens of hours working directly alongside seasoned business owners.

This experience helps with a lot more than just web design. It can be very hard to get this kind of insight elsewhere but with web design, business owners share openly with you as you work together. You get a lot of exposure to what makes a business successful, what creates sales, and what keeps customers coming back. It’s like a free mini MBA of sorts.

To give a few examples of people at this stage who started with just making websites and now have mastered several very valuable Fastlane skills…

A great example of this is @GuitarManDan . You probably have already seen his own great gold progress thread on here but I will quickly cover his progress....

Dan started his web design business in 2018 using our previous course and had a very decent year or two. However, he wanted to take things to the next level and didn’t want to get complacent. He joined the Fox Sales Legends program around midsummer last year.

Since joining he has made even more progress and along with some big website sales he has done really well with building ongoing recurring revenue too. To give just one example he landed a $25,000 sale alone was from a cold email technique that I shared in the course (but Dan gets all the credit for taking tons of consistent action!).

Now while the big sales are cool the great thing is Dan has built an amazing (and highly valuable) skillset that is a great foundation for moving to more Fastlane business ventures. He now has the cashflow, experience, confidence and mindset that I am sure will lead to a ton of future success.

I asked for a direct quote (maybe he can add more below) and he was nice enough to say: “I couldn't have done it without the help and support of this community. It helps me stay accountable to myself and always push to improve each and every day.”

Long-term (3-5 years)

I hinted at this with Dan's story, but our end goal with this approach to web design is much bigger than just making some websites. This last stage is really what separates our school from other courses.

As much as we love web design (and we do!), we always see it more of a launching pad than an end destination.
Our end goal is always for our students to use their web design experience to go on to even bigger and better things.

Web design is a great way to get profitable and learn a bunch of skills, but it does have some limitations too. Once your income gets to around $100,000, you will be basically working a fulltime job, either doing the projects yourself or outsourcing to others.

This is a great first goal for someone who is struggling right now, but the better goal is that once you are profitable you start also transitioning from web design to launching an even bigger and better business.

If you think about any successful Fastlane business, you are going to need a certain set of skills. You will need to learn how to find unfulfilled needs in the marketplace, how to create a valuable product or service, how to sell that service, how to market and scale your business, and so on.

Once you have those skills, you’ll probably want to move on to something bigger than web design. It is a natural next stage, and one we have built into the way we teach from the very beginning. We have done our job right when you get to a stage where you are ready to use what you have learned (and your cash flow from projects) to reach for that next level.

A good example of this is @MJ DeMarco himself. Now obviously MJ isn’t a student or has taken any of my training but if you look back at MJ’s story (before his big successes) he first started paying his bills and improving his skills through web design work...

“I aggressively marketed my website. I sent out emails. Cold-called. Mailed letters. I learned search engine optimization (SEO). Because I couldn’t afford books, I visited the Phoenix library daily and persisted to read about Internet programming languages. I improved my website, learned about graphics and copywriting. Anything that could help me, I consumed.

Then one day I had a breakthrough; I received a call from a company in Kansas who raved about my website service and wanted me to design their website. Sure. I obliged with a price of $400. They thought the price was a steal and within 24 hours, I built the company their website.

I was ecstatic. In 24 hours, I had most of the rent payment. Then ironically, not 24 hours later, I received another call from a company in New York asking for the same thing… a new website. I designed theirs for $600 and it took me two days to complete. I had another rent payment!

 Now, I know this isn’t a lot of money, but from poverty to $1000 in three days felt like winning the fifty million dollar Powerball.

My first few months in Phoenix, I gained traction and survived on my own for the first time in my life. No flower boy. No bus boy. No pizza delivery. No sponging off mom. I was purely self-employed! I was momentous acceleration, a wind at my back that foreshadowed a directional change into a new universe of wealth generation.’


“I took a contented pause thankful of my recent move and glanced at my bank balance. It was more than $5,000 and it was more money than I ever knew. Now I realize that $5K is not a lot of money, basically it is bankrupt. However at that moment in my life, it meant not having to get a job for at least another year. You see, that $5,000 bought me one year of freedom. Freedom to pursue success. Freedom to do what was necessary. Freedom to pursue my dream. For the next year, I was guaranteed to own every hour of my life.”

Links: (post #17)

This is a great example of starting web design in the best way possible - with a focus on using it to go much further when the time is right. And I fully agree with MJ here and think web design is NOT a great long term option. The best web designers are always people who used web design to go on to do something much bigger! That is how you make it truly Fastlane.

But for someone on here right now without a solid business plan, who doesn’t have a ton of money in the bank to invest, and who might be struggling with core business abilities such as mindset or sales, then web design can be a perfect option to get you to where you want to be long term.

What are the key ingredients to make Web Design work for me?

The mistake I have seen over and over is people who have the best of intentions, but head completely down the wrong road. They focus on developing the wrong skills, working with the wrong type of clients, and having no idea how to increase their sales or results.

What can seem like progress at first, can quickly turn into a dead end. They end up working for free or cheap for months on end, yet things are still not improving. They are no closer to big sales or any real success.

Web design is definitely not an area where hard work is necessarily going to pay off - you have to think strategically.

Where is a good place to start?

Get a good game plan. No matter how low your current skills or experience might seem, with a solid plan to follow you can make way faster progress than the other 90% of people going in circles. With a smart approach, one or two projects done the right way will add up very fast.

Along with that surround yourself with the people who are already getting good results and learn from them. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The people who run successful web design businesses use the same effective tactics over and over again. This is where a coach or mentor is going to be key. You might think I am biased (since I also coach) but I invested a lot in coaching when I first started. I still do.

On top of this it's crucial to have a solid support system to keep you motivated and focused. Working as a web designer can be disastrous if you are alone. By being a part of a group of like minded peers though you can keep yourself accountable while making a ton of personal and business progress. You got to have a strong network.

These core ingredients to web design success is why we have structured Fox Web School the way we have. We saw what was needed and transitioned from video courses and “do it alone” content to building a school that provides you all of what you need to succeed.

What Fox Web School Can Offer

Nobody needs another generic course that gets you average results. There are plenty of these, and they churn out people who will never make more than a few $100 for a website.

What you need is the right coaching and blueprint (along with a proper community) for creating real success. You want a place to develop the right skills in the right order - and stay motivated and enjoy wins in the process.

That is exactly what you get with us at Fox Web School.

We focus on helping you master valuable skills that make a difference.

In fact over the last year we already put this to the test. We worked with a great core group of students from this forum and elsewhere and put all of this into practice.

We called it the “Fox Sales Legends” program and it was built with a specific end goal of first getting profitable with web design and then using web design to go even bigger.

Some of these students are the people mentioned above, but there are many others too. The program has had a lot of success stories over the past year and we now have a very solid core community.

Based off what was proven to work the best from the last year of the program we now have a detailed structure for 2020 to take you through the following stages:

a) Stage one - Get Going
  1. You’ll learn what makes a website high value, how to sell a website, and how to prospect for initial projects.
  2. After that, there will be an example of an actual website project.
  3. The goal of this stage is to get you to land your first paying customer ($1,000 or more).
  4. By the end, students will be able to sell consistently and be ready to increase their profits.
b) Stage two - Getting Profitable
  1. This section of the course will show you how to go from $1,000 projects to $10,000 plus project/monthly income.
  2. You’ll learn more advanced selling, prospecting, proposals, and how to solve even bigger business problems.
  3. You’ll also get better at skills like negotiating, networking, communication, workflow, and proposals.
c) Stage three - Get Growing
  1. In this final section, you’ll figure out how to use your combined web experience, skills, and cashflow to get into creating your own business.
  2. We will look at finding ideas, ways to add value, how to start a new business, and how to get your first customer.
  3. The goal of this stage is to help you create a new “Fastlane” style business that can cover your living and lifestyle costs for now while still continuing to grow further.
(This is a quick overview - below we cover how to get the full details if you wish)

Also at the risk of repeating myself, getting profitable is NOT about technical skills - it is primarily about mindset and approach.
Skills are a part of the solution yes, but they come after you know what needs to be done and why.

Also, you get access to our amazing community...

Weekly live calls

Every week, we have a group call where you can share your progress, ask questions, and speed up your learning pace. These 90 minute video calls are a great place to interact and take advantage of the “hive mind” approach to problem solving. I personally run each one and you’ll also get detailed feedback, advice and coaching on each call.

Directly from taking part in the weekly group calls, a lot of our students have had massive breakthroughs and gotten great results.

Membership to the private Fox Sales Legends Facebook group

You’ll also get full access to our private Facebook group, where you can interact with your fellow students. You all know what a private Facebook group is, but this one is actually active (ha!) with very detailed information and feedback.

I have a deal with the students - tag me in any post and we will get it solved. It is pretty common to see whole sale pitches and proposals get created and then successfully closed in the facebook group each week. If you join and have any issue with web design, your business, motivation, mindset etc - we are always in the FB group ready to help.

Private Accountability Slack Group

A lot of students asked for this and we put together a great system to make it happen. Here’s how it works: each student, if they wish, gets their own private accountability group with around 5/6 other students. We keep it tight so you can form a close bond and keep each other moving forward. If you are on board for this, we have a “no one gets left behind” policy!

These groups are really cool to experience - everyone is super committed and wants to help each other overcome obstacles, keep themselves accountable, and celebrate each other’s wins.

These groups have been proven to be an incredibly supportive environment that keeps you focused and moving forward. Participating in a group also helps you not to stray too far off track and take daily action. While I miss not being involved in some of the big sales, it is cool to hear the stories of when a mastermind managed to tackle a big challenge together!

>>> If you are interested click here and take a quick quiz to see if you would be a good fit to join <<<

What you need to be able to join…

Compared to a lot of other coaching programs, and the fact we work with you for a full year, our cost to join is reasonable. We run a tight operation though, and do require a few things from you to make sure it makes sense to work together:

:vérifier: - willingness to commit and stick with a proven plan
:vérifier: - a few hours of time each week to learn and apply what we teach you
:vérifier: - some savings or cash flow to cover your cost of living as you learn the business
:vérifier: - you want guidance and coaching to help you take the shortcuts and avoid the long detours

But on the other hand here are some things that you don’t need to join:

: xx: - advanced or even intermediate coding and programming skills
: xx: - prior business experience - we teach you business skills from scratch
: xx: - a ton of free time - we get that you have a life and maybe a job to support yourself before the biz takes off
: xx: - a personal website, business cards etc. - there are better ways to get started without wasting time
: xx: - living in an English-speaking country (we have students from around the world, including Europe, South America and Asia)
: xx: - a perfect mindset - it’s ok if you have some fear and doubts with these types of things. That’s what we’re here for!

We aren’t miracle workers, but if you are willing to apply yourself and have the minimal resource to make this possible this is a realistic option to start learning web design the right way. If you are a good fit we will be doing everything we can to make sure you succeed.

There’s never been a better time to join…

The Fox Sales Legends program of course isn’t the only way to jumpstart your web design business but we do think it is the best way:
  • You could lose $200k and 4+ years of your life getting a degree in computer science or graphic design—only to be stuck working a job for someone else.
  • You could go through a coding boot camp ($10-25k) and get a foundational knowledge of how to build websites—only to still be stuck working for someone else at the end of the program.
  • You could take dozens of cheaper courses and programs that focus on coding and design. You end up skilled in one area but again without any clear consistent way to make money.
  • You could try “google” your own way. We get a lot of students who join after doing this for months and years. They often get badly stuck and have to spend even more time unlearning bad approaches and “work for cheap” mindsets.
What all of these approaches also miss is a real community who actually cares that you succeed and a system in place to make sure you stay on track.
Plus a coach who actually cares if you succeed or not.

The bottom line is that joining Fox Sales Legends is super reasonable with an easy way to make back your investment:
- You can join for only $1995 as a one-time payment (one year full access)
- Or you can enroll on the payment plan for only $900 upfront, followed by 11 monthly payments of $150

Over a whole year of working together either option is easy to offset with a few smaller projects.
Even just one decent project will cover the full cost of the program and many manage to do this within the first few months.

>>> If you want to know more - just click here to take a quick quiz that lets us know you’re interested <<<

The current COVID-19 situation and why it is actually a great time to start web design

It’s no secret that the current situation at the moment is a challenge for all businesses. The beauty of web design is that you can do it from home, with no possible issues from supply chains, in person meetings, shipping, staff, etc.

At the same time, a lot of businesses are now desperate for problem solvers just like you to help them secure and grow their online sales and systems while making the whole business more efficient. This is the exact approach that we have always focused on at Fox Web School. So with the trend going more and more in that direction, it means a lot of new opportunities.

While some businesses will cut back in other areas, they are often looking for ways to invest in a clear solution to improve their cash flow and bring in more customers or clients. A lot of our current students have quickly adjusted and are back on track with new sales or never had many problems in the first place.

So while things are changing a lot at the moment, I think right now there are a ton of opportunities to be helping businesses with all of their online systems and with creating new sales.

If all this sounds good to you, here’s how to join

As much as we’d like to accept everyone into the Fox Sales Legends, we are really focused on making sure we only let in people we know we can help in a big way. I haven’t even promoted this program on my Youtube channel yet cause I knew this forum was the best group of people to start with.

Also if you do reach out and we don’t think that we can help you - that is 100% fine. We don’t do any pushy sales stuff or fake scarcity tactics. We will gladly point you to other resources which are a better fit for now and we can keep in touch.

So that’s why there’s no checkout page or “buy now” link. We take the time to get to know each new possible student first before we offer them the chance to join. We work closely with our students for a full year so it matters to us that they want to succeed as much as we want to help them.

>>> To apply for the Fox Sales Legends, please click here to fill a quick quiz <<<

You’ll be taken to a short questionnaire where you’ll put in some basic information. This helps us decide what the next best step is and how we can help you or guide you in the right direction.

If you are a good fit for the Fox Sales Legends, I can’t wait to work with you and see you succeed along with the current students.

>>> Yes, I want in! Click here to apply for the Fox Sales Legends mentorship program <<<


- Rob

PS En cette période d'incertitude économique mondiale, vous avez besoin de compétences qui vous rémunéreront. Avec le programme Fox Sales Legends, la conception Web n'est vraiment qu'un moyen utile pour vous aider à développer une gamme complète de compétences commerciales globales.

Quel que soit votre plan à long terme ou la taille de vos objectifs commerciaux ou de style de vie, vous aurez toujours besoin de savoir comment vendre, attirer des clients, résoudre des problèmes et garder un bon état d'esprit commercial.

Vous obtenez tout cela dans le programme Fox Sales Legends (tout en développant les compétences utiles du développement Web). J'espère donc que vous déciderez de postuler. Voici à nouveau le lien pour réserver un appel…

>>>>> Lien complet: postulez au programme de mentorat Fox Sales Legends <<<<<

J'ai lu le fil du début à la fin
Franchement c'est prometteur et motivant
J'ai juste une question par rapport à la langue, moi je parle Français et je n'ai pas un niveau très avancé en Anglais, est-ce que les cours sont accessibles en français ??
Merci pour le post
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Aug 19, 2015
Hey it looks like you quoted the full thread with your question so I will just add it separately here:

"I read the thread from start to finish. Frankly it is promising and motivating.

I just have a question about the language, I speak French and I do not have a very advanced level in English, are the courses available in French?

Thanks for the post"

It is just English audio for now but we are considering English subtitles quite soon since we have had a few people ask. If that would work for you then let us know. We do have 3-4 French members so if you reach out maybe we can have you talk to one of them and see if they think it makes sense?

@Thomas Chauvet do you mind reaching out and seeing if it makes sense for him to consider joining?


New Contributor
Jan 3, 2020
Do you mean it will be possible to join until the end of the year for a one year course? And what happens after that?
@Fox I'm also wondering about this, if I pay now, will I be on the program for 1 year or until the end of this year?

EDIT: I re-read the original post again, so I suppose the answer is you can sign up until the end of this year, but be on the program for a full year
Last edited:


Jul 3, 2020
@Fox I'm also wondering about this, if I pay now, will I be on the program for 1 year or until the end of this year?

EDIT: I re-read the original post again, so I suppose the answer is you can sign up until the end of this year, but be on the program for a full year
I think so, but will happen after that? You will be removed from the group? You have to pay again to remain there if you want to?
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Aug 19, 2015
@Fox I'm also wondering about this, if I pay now, will I be on the program for 1 year or until the end of this year?

EDIT: I re-read the original post again, so I suppose the answer is you can sign up until the end of this year, but be on the program for a full year
Whoops - missed this question.

For anyone who signs up you always get a full year of exactly what we are promising.

So yes if you signed up Dec 2020 then you get the full program to Dec 2021.

But that still doesn't mean we are going to run it forever. Just that while we are still open and people join we will keep it open for them for the full year.

Also you get access to the program content even after the year. It is the live calls, support, extra groups etc that require ongoing work so we will only ever charge for those after a full year.

Thomas Chauvet

Bronze Contributor
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Jun 26, 2017
Dijon, France
Hi guys, I repost here my old review with a small update :

Feb 2020 :

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say my thoughts about this program, which I subscribed in around 5 months ago I think.

The content is really good, especially about sales. Even though I read some books about business before I learned a lot of new stuff, and, most importantly, stuff that you can put in action RIGHT NOW.

It's not too dense ; to me the content is really effective, not too long but still gold.

The social value is really great, it's much more motivating to see other people advance, talking about getting new clients... It changes your beliefs about this, it shows you that you can do it if you do your homework. It is much more important than studying even if you're learning the best concepts. This program is about taking useful and effective action, and that's what I apprecieted most, since I had the "eternal student syndrome".

To be perfectly honest, I had great difficulty in pulling the work myself. I switched from a surgery resident position to a senior surgeon position just after I suscribed in the program. I thought I would have much more free time to invest in the program. That showed partially true, but only a little bit. Also, what I didn't anticipated was that my new position would consume much more energy (physically yes, but mainly psychologically) than the previous one. Now I have all the responsability for every decision I make, sometimes life changing ones for the patients I take care of. Being a resident for five years, I didn't anticipate this to be so much energy-consuming.
I have a lot of trouble to find some free time with energy to invest in the program. I can see it is truly valuable because otherwise I would already have dumped it and forgot about it. However I still stick to it at my own rythmn, and was able to land my first portfolio project for 200 € even if I invested almost no time (a couple hours) looking for clients. The lessons about sales are really effective and that's what this program is all about.

It's been 3 months and a half since I'm in my new position and I'm starting to get acquainted to it, I'm less stressed, so I start to involve myself a little more in this project, I'll post a new message here 3 months from now to tell you my new results. However, even if I didn't advance as much as others, who have more time or energy to give in this, I'm still very happy about suscribing because I learned a lot of valuable content, in a an effective way (in a short amount of time spent).

It's still a little pricey for the amount of time I've spent on it but that's definitely on me, and I don't care much.

Wasn't able to get on much live calls, may be 2 or 3 top, because of my crazy schedule. I rarely get home before 8 pm, so... I found them valuable also. It helps get a better understanding for the points you didn't get well, and it plays a great part in getting yourself motivated.

I already had a technical background about making websites, but you don't really care about that since you can easily find this stuff elsewhere. I don't think it should be a problem for suscribing.

Also, a great plus I didn't anticipated is that the program helped me A LOT in my day job, especially the communicating part. Now I understand better how I can convince my patients that surgery can help them, when it is true of course. I didn't anticipate it and it was a nice bonus. It definitely helped me to get more patients that could be treated well in the operating room.

The other main thing I really appreciated is that the goal is not to make you a good webdesigner, it is to make you a good entrepreneur with a good understanding on how to get started by taking action. I was really afraid of it when I signed and I was so relieved to see that our goals as fastlaners where totally aligned with the goals of the web school.

To conclude, I would say, if you don't work for 100 hours a week, with night shifts and great stress, and you feel like suscribing, go do it without an hesitation ! This program will make you do a great leap forward in your fastlane goals.
As for myself, it might have been better to wait a little. If it's possible, when it ends, I may extend my own subcription to get the full benefit of this program, at my own rythmn.

Today (July 2020) :

I just landed my 2nd project for 500 euros, which is huge for me since I dedicated no time to client searching. Just word of mouth for my 1st project, and good selling technique on the phone that I learned on the program. It is really in line with TMF, about searching where you can deliver value for the client ; it makes senses, feels right, and it works. I have no experience in selling at all... yet closed the 2 deals I tried, by applying the principles in the course.

I've had other priorities since february and lot of work in my hospital job, there was the covid too, so I didn't invest many time in the program.
However, there is a nice comminuty and it's always interesting to hear the other students stories and progress ; and it's really motivating.

I decided to follow the program at my own rythmn, without too much pressure, because I don't want to give up totally my real job yet, and it's taking me a lot of time, beside friends and family of course. To put some perspective, I do night shifts almost every week, without rest the day after, I'm on call all week-end long (friday 18h to monday 8h) once a month, and beside this, my "normal" work schedule is something like 7:30 - 19:30, with a lot of energy consuming activities...

I guess if you have a more less demanding job, or if you have no job, and want to get started or get forward in your entrepreneurship journey, the program is definitely a great option.
I've been reading books about business for years but it is the only program that actually got me started and sold value to people, despite my crazy schedule...
I can't imagine the results I would get if I devoted more time to it!

This is the main point of the program ; sure, you can always learn the stuff from books, but you really get motivated by the clear actions to take and the group effect.
Honestly, it is kinda frightening to start selling out there if you never did it before :rofl:. It really helps to post on the group about your encounters, your sellings, your proposals... you get a lot of constructive yet positive feedback. It makes you feel more comfortable dealing with potential clients.
The technical part was a bit less furnished, but I believe it has catched up since ; I didn't really have the time to check it out. Anyway, I don't think it's where you can get the most value since it's clearly not the hard part.

If anyone is interested in more detailed feedback please don't hesitate to send a dm, I'd be happy to answer your questions.

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