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Cameron Duck

Nov 21, 2018
Hi guys,
So over the last year and a bit I've been listening to the teachings of Gary Vaynerchuk and I have realised that havung a business or a product online and posting content online is the way to go nowadays.

I also believe that doing what you enjoy given enough time and hard work can become profitable. My passion is undoubtedly football (soccer) and making films that everyday people can relate to. Now, going off the teachings of GaryVee, I have started a podcast talking about football and making content however making my podcasts doesn't necessarily fill my creative need so I'm in the stage of investing a few hundred dollars into making a set in the spare room and adding a visual component to my podcasts and have it on YouTube ect. I also want to inspire and motivate my audience and whilst I can get really genuinely enthusiastic about football, I'm not entirely sure it will motivate people every day. Another problem is that I'm obessed with living a phenomenal life and I know that if my idea is a success it could become my job and pay the bills and provide for my future family but I struggle to see how it'll give me a non average life still. I could see myself investing when I'm a little bit older but not right now.

Thanks everyone
-CJ Duck

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Mar 13, 2013
I like that you are looking at creating rather than just consuming. Your podcast, to be successful, might need to fulfill more of a niche or a need than just "soccer". For example, is there a soccer-related Daily Fantasy Sports site out there? If so, could you use stats and analysis to help people make profitable picks in that? Now you've got a real benefit you're giving to people. Just my $0.02.

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