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First Car, Just got license, your opinion

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Oct 3, 2007
I live in NY (1 hour from NYC) and I just passed my road test yesterday. I'm 16 I'm currently working on multiple business ventures:

1.) I've written a book about auto racing I plan on making it an ebook once I finish editing.

2.) I'm currently learning html and I'd like to eventually begin a subscription based business.

3.) I've read alot of real estate books and I think that REI is in my future. Maybe even as early as college? I'm also going to join my local REI association this month

My bank account is worth $2,000 and I plan on investing some of that money in my ventures but I also need a car to get to school and to the job I plan on getting. I know there are alot of lambo guys here and alot of other car guys so if you could add some input I would appreciate it.

I was really interested in a Porsche 944 a month ago but after alot of research I found that Porsche parts aren't cheap.

One car that will appreciate in value and that I am very interested in is the 1979 Camaro Z28.

I've research that it isn't very difficult to keep a GM block running and my dad is skilled in mechanics so he can aid me if I need help. Futhermore, camaro parts are very inexpensive compared to other cars. It isn't the greatest on gas but I've found that MPG also depends on how hard you are on the throttle and driving controllably will save me alot of money on fuel.

Alot of kids at my school drive S2000's and 3 Series, but I'm not really interested in whats "cool." I like things that I'm interested in and this camaro is just that. If everybody else thinks thats cool than thats great. :cheers:

These camaros go for about on average $4k but I'm getting financial help from my parents which will extend my $2k.

Do you think where I'm at is a good call or do you have other opinions? Please share.


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New Contributor
Aug 16, 2007
Camaros are pretty cool. My friend has a 1996 Z28, and his clutch started slipping, so he went to look online for a new clutch package, and they cost only ~$500. Those 2009 Camaros are so nice, that I might just have to pick one up :p

To be honest about you're situation, I would rather save the money. If you're going to be dumping all of your money into a 8-cylinder car at the age of 16, it's probably not the brightest move.

8 Cylinders + Teen driver at the age of 16 (even if you're responsible) = Insurance higher than the cost of the car.

I know how tempting that car is. Camaros, for some reason, have something other cars don't.


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Oct 3, 2007
Would a late '90s Jeep Cherokee Sport or Chevy Blazer be a better option? I assume those two SUV's are more reliable, safer in bad weather and the insurance is better.


Jul 25, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
Honestly if I were you, I'd get a mid 90's Civic, Corolla, or other car like that. When I was 16 I wanted a Dodge SRT-4, but fortunately I had a father who wouldn't let me buy it or the Porsche 944 I was interested in :smxB: I ended up buying a used Ford Aspire with 60k miles for 3k. Get what you want, but think about why you want it and what the best investment for your money is. There are things that will make you money and not simply take it away.


New Contributor
Aug 13, 2007
Honestly if I were you, I'd get a mid 90's Civic, Corolla, or other car like that.
Stick to the classics.

Gas prices are going to rise, and rise, and rise, and...

I bought a Honda Accord as my first car. I consider myself a "passionate" driver, and later on bought myself a Lexus SC300 MT, to fulfill my driving passion a little. You don't want to spend income, you want to produce it. Hard times are now, but with the right amount of hard work (some ppl are going to call bs on me,) the good times will follow.

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