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INTRO Finished TMF - 19 y/o Computer Science Student


Aug 30, 2018
Alabama/ Nevada

I am super excited to join this forum. For a brief background, I am a 19 y/o Computer Science Student in Alabama, I am on a full scholarship and I am studying a tech skills based major, so I am confident that finishing school is wise in my circumstance. I have the drive to grind in my time outside of classes anyway. I have always had entrepreneurial aspirations, but I struggle to fully recognize myself as an entrepreneur because of the pervasive slow lane brainwash I am constantly exposed to. I have been fortunate enough to have held a few promising internships that have lead to offers or highly probable offers with great companies out of school, and the thought of turning down those opportunities that I have been working most of my life for is troubling.

I just finished TMF, I have read about 40 books this year, many about entrepreneurship/ business but not all. By far, TMF is the clearest crystallization of everything I have been reading and thinking about in terms of my life strategy and relationship toward business and money.

I must admit it really did challenge a few of my beliefs. Having read a few Slowlane Financial Guru books, I am having a hard time transitioning from that investment advice to some of MJ's philosophies. My allocation is about 20% robo-managed indexes and the rest in savings, for in case I decide to do grad school (doubtful), starting a business, or general risk aversion to investing. It also was the push I needed to really inform my parents of some of the thoughts that have been nagging on my mind the past few months.

Before starting the book, I was pretty eager to start an affiliate blog just to learn some digital marketing, seo, web design, writing, and hopefully earn enough to sustain myself by the time I graduate, however, I am not far along, and after some research I don't really think my niche (Vegan Lifestyle) is that underserved in the blog space. That business model violates the principles of control and scale (at least for my niche, although hopefully, veganism continues to grow in popularity).

I am currently doing a co-op (basically an internship), and the current plan is to find and commit to an idea in the coming weeks. I plan to work on the business about an hour before work every day, and one to two hours after with long hours on the weekends. My time is split between starting this business, enjoying college (I'm sure you've heard of my school's football team), reading, and half-marathon training. I am also building a personal website for practice with dev, for hosting a blog for accountability and to be more comfortable publicising my journey, and hey if it grows a following... that's cool too.

Finishing the book leaves me with a few questions.

1) Tips to evaluate and commit to an idea (aka just start) because I am that polygamous noob who is never ready to commit to a single idea (AKA HOW TO START)
2) MJ talks about finding an income fund through a brokerage, and I'm looking for guidance on how to reallocate my investments toward something more fixed income with a safe 5% yield (This is the start to my target number fund) I have cash set aside to start a business and invest in myself when I see the time.
3) Opinions on the book The End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson (a similar book) as it is on my up next list
4) Tips for being a productive member of the forum

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