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INTRO Finally got pissed off enough to do something!

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Did anger play a role in you wanting to go into business?

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Jun 26, 2015
The feeling in my chest won't go away. The power, the rage, the focus it feeds me and if you are in the battle of depression you need something you can focus on and hate enough that makes you actually do what you know you need to do.

I don't know if we are allowed to say bad words here because I'm still F*cking pissed off and this post will be riddled with expletives. SO trigger warning.

I finally got pissed off enough to take real CONSISTENT HABITUAL RESULTS ORIENTED ACTION. I just focus on results now. Everything else can go F*ck itself. The formula is so F*cking simple.

Will doing this add value to the person when he/she sees it? No? NEXT! I had a big grand plan but I was so F*cking mopey and depressed for so long I didn't bother. All the excuses, the lethargy, the complaining. So F*cking tiring.

So I said to myself F*ck this. I know I don't have the funds right now to do every single thing so I just decided to take away all the extra parts that were impossible for me to do at that moment and I streamlined the shit out of the idea and then I just went and did it.

My problem was I was not thinking properly. Sadness can kill you.

If you have a big grand huge idea and are sad you can't implement it right now this second. Don't sweat it. Compartmentalize all the pieces you can't do right now and do the ones you can do TODAY.

Do it F*ckING TODAY. But make sure what you do actually ADDS value.

Don't do bullshit stuff just to waste time to make you feel better.

F*cking send out those proposals. F*cking make those phone calls. F*ckING REPLY TO THE DAMN EMAIL.

God damnit so many companies I do work with take F*cking forever to respond to email. These people are LOSING so much money.

Be quick to respond when there is someone right in front of you that can greatly benefit from what you do! And stop thinking that those same people won't benefit or that you can't bring value to them.

Attitude is so important but if I wasn't pissed off enough with this big huge feeling in my chest all the time I wouldn't even have been able to do it.

The feeling says this. Go and do. Go and subdue. Go and bring value. Go and create value.

But if you feel depressed that feeling has to go. It literally destroys the hardwired ambition people have to actually bring value to themselves and other around them.

Thats my intro.

TLDR; Got pissed enough to not be scared or sad anymore, focused on a daily results orientated plan/system. Profit.

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