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Feedback needed on my winery online store

Discussion in 'Sales, Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media' started by jas0441, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. jas0441

    jas0441 5 kph

    Jan 17, 2011
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    Any wine drinkers, or better yet, online wine buyers out there? I'd like some feedback on my online store here http://wineshop.hardrow.com.

    Any constructive criticism would be useful but I am especially interested in Content and Layout. I use Nexternal and have a lot of flexibility in the look and feel of the store.

    Does anything turn you off on this site? Would you like to see more or less content?

    Is there anything about the products that would entice you to buy or not buy?

    Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Love this site!
  2. road_runner

    road_runner 5 kph

    Feb 23, 2012
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    I am not quite sure what it is but i don't like something about the way the header part is animated. Seems like a bit primitive compared to the bottom part. which looks a bit classier to me.

    Also the shopping cart - it should be more distinctive - now it is kind of lost in the navigation menu
  3. 100k

    100k 140 kph Read The Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

    Oct 20, 2012
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    I dont drink, but I am an online marketer.

    Here are some important things to think about when creating a landing page!

    How to Make a Landing Page That C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S. - Conversion Tips and Examples

    Load time could be better and might want to have clearer call to action.

    Also def. need some social proof (reviews).

    Perhaps it would be an idea to offer a monthly subscription, where they pay $60 per month and each month they get to try a new wine bottle.

    Give them the first bottle for free (if they cover the shipping cost) <<----- OFFER

    The offer turns out to be one of the most important things .... something I learned not too long ago thanks to LimitUp! :tiphat:

    P.s People don't know what to buy unless they are experts (in this case wine connoisseurs). So make it easy for them to pick something! The Wine of the Month = XXX

    Top Selling Wines = 1) xxx 2) xxx 3) xxx

    That should probably help you with the conversion rate (also make sure there are images for every product)!
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