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February Results and March Goals


New Contributor
Jan 15, 2008
On another forum I frequent, one of the biggest threads every month is the monthly goals and results post. It’s a good way to develop short-term goals and keep yourself accountable.

February Results:

Goal #1 – Find new business banker and get checking and credit cards in place – Accomplished

- The only business banker I knew was a moron so I did some networking and found a banker who I really like and has been great to work with so far.

Goal #2 – Make businesses first sale and complete transaction – Accomplished

Goal #3 – Increase poker bankroll by at least $4,000 and DO NOT withdraw any money – Accomplished

- I have a slowlane tendency to win money, withdraw that money and squirrel it away in my savings account. I should be building my bankroll and playing higher stakes.

Goal #4 – Do not quit J.O.B. – Accomplished (barely)

- This might be one of the most slowlane statements ever made here J I am confident my new business will be successful and I always have other income streams to fall back on. However, my first child is due in March and I want to be able to concentrate on that without worrying about my start-up. Staying at my J.O.B. for a little longer won’t kill me (I think).

March Goals:

Goal #1 – Have a baby!

Goal #2 – Finish website for business.

Goal #3 – Increase poker bankroll by $3,000.

Goal #4 – Be ready for a complete business launch after the baby is born and things have settled down.

Goal #5 – Quit J.O.B. forever.

What are your results and goals?

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Bronze Contributor
Jul 25, 2007
February Accomplishments:

- Same ol', same ol' with the paper investing

- Bought some more REITs for my fun portfolio (The Cdn market, although we have no subprime issue, fell along with the US)

- Finally got off my butt and used some of the domains I was sitting on. I wanted business quotes for my business blogs and romance quotes for my romance blogs so I loaded these on my spare domains, added adsense, and then threw a feedburner reader widget on my main blogs. Took me a day each to do and immediately added value to my readers. Plus the quotes are my own personal collection (now they're online).

- Got the tax settlement with the government. I lost (and I deserved to lose, I made a mistake) but will recover 50% of what I paid.

- Finished my 4th month of this 1 month contract. Trying to wind this up by the end of March (but they're in no rush to let me go - blast it).

March Plans:

- Same ol' same ol' with the paper investing
- Likely buying more REITs. Some are very good value.
- Winding up the contract gig
- Training a new volunteer tax preparer a week while completing returns for low income tax payers
- Get my cover art and banner ads to review sites
- Plan an April vacation


New Contributor
Sep 7, 2007
Calgary, Alberta
March Goals:

Goal #1 – Have a baby!
And here I was thinking that I'd have the first fastlane baby! Due April 6 with possibility of early arrival, given our history.

I'll think about goals later - work has been crazy busy -

Will finish de-cluttering the house for the Plan for sure.
Will send letter to tenants to change payment structure.
Will open-up Tent trailer to see what kind of storage we have.
Will book appointment to get trailer hitch installed on the minivan.

I'm sure there's more. Nothing really fastlane right now. Stll need to finish Vocculli's book and do some research. Been on hold a bit while we de-clutter and get the house ready for sale.


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