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Matt Hugh

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Nov 26, 2017
Brisbane, Australia
Hey everyone

I'm really grateful for @MJ DeMarco for creating this forum and writing the book.

I am 44 years old and had been working in the slowlane since leaving school in 1989. With my intrinsic value mindset I worked on increasing my personal rate of payment by getting more formal education. Most recently I was working as an engineer in the mining industry. This was a very difficult job to leave because my salary was at a level that most slowlaners would love to have. Co-workers (sidewalkers and slowlaners) thought I was crazy leaving my job but I knew there was more to life than working 45 hours a week and spending another 12 hours sitting in a car getting there.

I was surrounded by a slowlane mindset. My boss actually berated me for not participating in the weekly lotto pool. Co-workers would grumble about Monday morning, moan about "hump day" and look forward to the weekend. We even sarcastically mocked ourselves as "living the dream" when our boss made another unreasonable request.

With my slowlane mindset 12 years ago I joined the mining industry to "save" enough cash to start a business of my own! While I have certainly saved some cash and paid for my kids to go to school etc I could see that if I didn't change anything I would be 65 years old before having the sort of money I want to life the life I want.

On the 4th July 2017 I removed my golden handcuffs and walked out the door.

Over the last 5 months I have been trying a few things to get started but am floundering quite a bit.

After reading Fastlane Millionaire I have realised that I have been making a few mistakes. One is being a consumer and buying into "events" to help me kickstart a business. Over the last 5 years I've spent over $30k on online courses in marketing, business and programming. Just last weekend I was stewing about passing on an "opportunity to invest in myself" by spending $14k on a year long membership to a business building group that was pitched during a "free one day workshop" by well known local Australian guru.

Then on Monday 27th Nov I started reading the Fastlane and by Saturday I had read the whole book. I'm so glad I did.

My biggest learning was the concept of the treasonous choice. Boy I've made a few of those in my 44 years! My instant gratification and money chasing ways have caused plenty of pain in the past. Now I can repeat to myself "what they teach you doesn't work, but selling it does" if tempted to buy a quick fix and use the Paradox of Practice as my yardstick to separate the pretenders from the real thing when seeking advice and feedback.

When I look at my life right now I have my family. My wife and 3 healthy kids. I am physically fit and healthy. I have the freedom and support from my wife to work on building my business every day. We don't have the burden of a huge mortgage or credit card debt after recently selling two houses and moving to a place where our kids can walk to a good public school. We have some working capital and my wife is also in a job working full-time. I've created a Pty Ltd company and have been trying to get started on building a brand and business.

This is were I am now. The past is out of my control and I am where I am as a result of the choices I made in the past. It's what I do today that matters.
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