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EXECUTION You! My own Journey of Financial Independence


Feb 8, 2019
Attention: Bad English ahead but honest value about an average guy.

I believe that for being successful with his own business you have to control your life first. So this thread is not only about making money. Also about a personal journey of self improvement.

Who I am?
Till my 26th age of life, (now 27) I lived from 300 Euros in the month. 150 for food. 35 for the ticket. Around 120 euros left for the last 30 days in the month. Money for hanging out with friends, for clothes, books and fun.

My Family and I are the first generation of immigrants in Germany. After 20 years of living in this country as non-accepted refugees my parents still get every months 300 euros pocket money from the state. Last year I finally get accepted as a German citizen. So I have also now the right to work, to study and also the right to leave Berlin. Finally!

Believe it or not. In all of that time I had always the dream to work, travel around the world and safe some money and hopefully getting rich with my fulltime job.

After 3 months of living my Big Dream I started to count the weeks till I get my next payment. Then Days. Then I have stopped because it frustrated me too much. The funny thing is: I haven't read TMF at this moment.

I traveled to Budapest, Prague, Venezia, Napoli, Mallorca, Zadar in less than one year and I learned something very important. It doesn't matter how expensive your hotel is or in which restaurant you have eaten. It's an illusion of being free because you have the money to travel to different countries. As long as you arrive at sunday midnight in your hometown and after 5 hours of sleep you sit with your a** back in the office the next day. Counting the days for the next vacation.

What is my Goal?
I'm not interested in big cars or the next Victoria Secret Model on my side. I just want have the power to say: "F.k you!"
Not to you as a reader who invests his valuable time reading about an unknown guy.
I'm mean "F.k you!" to anybody who has in any kind a problem about how I eat, sleep, think, walk, breathe or make my daily routine at the toilet.
Saying " you!" to most of the people in this world without having consequences for your social reputation or wealth. Mean Power in life. Power to take the responsibility to decide how YOU want to eat, sleep, think, walk, breathe or make your daily routine at the toilet.

People have problems about how I think? You!
People want me to do things which are not my business. Instead theirs? You!
People try to get my time and attention for their problems but dont show respect back? You!

But You! needs a strong Force behind it. Financial Independence.

And the first step to my own You! would be not making others rich. I want to live from my own work. Most of the time working for myself. Make myself financial independent. Not others.

I want that my children one day have a fancy life. Making worthless Studies like Music, Arts or Acting. Driving Oldtimer. Celebrating private techno parties. And discussing with their friends how many withdrawals they got. And not the children of my boss.

With the withdrawals I'm if course kidding. You now what I mean;)

I have made some calculations and I just need around 1000 euros for being independent. For rent, energy food and so on.

The first Goal will be finding at least 5 customers which are paying a monthly fee to work with me together.

Btw: You! doesn't mean being rude or hurting people with purpose. It's an attitude for self-respect.

How do I earn my Money right now?

I have a fulltime job in a hospital. I'm not a doctor. Just a little medical assistant.

In this big company I am aware that I'm just a number.

Do you want to know how big this company is?

If I call my "Most Favorable Stations" in the morning to order the patients. There is always someone who doesn't like me and I dont like him. And the funny thing is. I haven't met these persons till this day. I dont even know how they look like. To hear the voice of the other is reason enough to make the work process more difficult as it should be.

What do you think how big my You! to those people can be when my life depends on this job?

My colleagues have the same problem with their own "Most Favorable Stations". The whole company is just a "Most Favorable Station".
Everybody is hating each other, spending most of the time in a place they hate more and they are still doing it. For years. For 30 to 40 years. That is my personal definition auf craziness and I dont want to be part of their system.

What is my Plan to earn Money?
I have seen a few courses on Udemy how to build a website with codes. So I have a little experience in this case and a little experience in Instagram Marketing.

Right now I have no website and no reputation to make money. But I think if an average guy like me can build a website at the end of the day. Anybody can do it. If I can make Money with this kind of work. Anybody can do it.

I made a promise to myself:
If I I'm not strong enough to build my own Power of Financial Independence than I deserve to be part of their mediocre system.

That's it.

Let the Journey begins!

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Feb 8, 2019
I. My First Customer

I have no website or even one customer yet, but my people around me know what I'm doing. One day I got a message from a friend that she knows somebody who needs help with all kind of "Online Stuff".

I had the number of a boutique owner in my hands and I was pretty excited.
Before I called her on this day at my work. I called a friend first because I was too nervous to make this phone call. I hoped to get a little more comfortable with the "Business Call" then.

So I called later the boutique owner and I explained her who I am and want I'm doing exactly and how I can help her with my work.

I had the option to explain her everything via call. But I decided to meet her personally. There were 2 reasons:

1.) Somebody who invests time to see you personally is more interested in your offer. And the great side effect is. The more somebody invests something in something its is harder for him to decide against it or given it up. Even if it means investing time of 2 hours for a sell conversation.

2.) Looking somebody in the eyes and say No to an offer is for many people difficult.

I wish this clever idea were mine but I read it in a Book months before about how to deal with potential customers. And these are the only two reasons I could remember at that time.

We made an appointment for the first Meeting.

First Meeting

Two, three days before the meeting I prepared myself mentally and I played all the possible opportunities which could happen during the conversation.

I was pretty much excited that I couldn't concentrate on my work at the hospital this day. In some cases I really hoped not to see her. Leaving my zone of being comfortable was too much connected with pain.
Pain I had to overcome for success and I felt not being ready yet.

Everytime the thought of negativity came again. I said to myself that I'm just a big f.cking pussy and I deserve my living situation right now. If I dont meet her. My mind got more and more clear why I'm doing this and I want to enjoy the moment of saying You! One day. My desire for You! was bigger than being comfortable.


My first customer has her own boutique in the centre of Berlin and she needed some help with the online marketing. Our agreement was that we are going to see us again when the Facebook Shop is ready and she can also use the function in Instagram to price tag her products.


Before we met I did some research about her website also and I prepared everything to explain her how Google adwords works and which are the advantages for her using this kind of advertisement.

She was interested but it was "Too much" for her and she just want to focus on Instagram advertisement. I also offered the option to put the whole Google adwords and the updating of the website in my hands. But she wasn't interested.

I made her an offer my work making the Facebook Shop. She accepted and also with the agreement to see us again when everything is ready.

Second Meeting

Yesterday I met her again. Her wish to price tag her products was possible and now we have to discuss about our furure cooperation. Also about the difficult part: "How much should it cost?"

I learned from this forum you should talk about money always at the end. You have to make them hungry before. Never say something about expenditure. Always mention it as investment.

And its true right?

You get paid (investment) to bring more profit for them. The big difference between an investment in a share and you, is that to invest in your work is an active investment. You can control the process of making profit. While the investment in a share is playing dice and hoping for the best.
Since I read about how to talk with customers about their future investment for your work. I not feel ashamed to talk about it directly.

But the big problem for me was I can't define how much my work should cost. In other case I felt ashamed to take maybe too much money from her.
I have to sit down and make my homework in this case before!

At the end we had an agreement that it would take care control about her Instagram advertisement. I got also a monthly fee for that work.

First Customer done. 5 left!


May 5, 2019
Great success. Congratulations. You already have a small monthly payment. If you can add this on all other 5 customers you are up for a good first step.

However, have you made also financial goals with your selling, e.g. 800 € monthly fixed incoming, 1500 € etc.


Feb 8, 2019
Great success. Congratulations. You already have a small monthly payment. If you can add this on all other 5 customers you are up for a good first step.

However, have you made also financial goals with your selling, e.g. 800 € monthly fixed incoming, 1500 € etc.
Thank you very much Buddy!:smile::clap::

When I came back home I felt like King Kong. You know what I mean.

Yeah, I also made some calculations about my finances. I just need around 1100€ for rent, energy, food and fun. No big vacations. Luckily I dont have a car or loans or something like that. Living minimalistic.

I will have less materialism. More freedom.


Feb 8, 2019
II. My second Customer

Before I met my second customer that day I had a meeting with a tax consultant one day earlier. I called a few of them and compared the prices and listen to my gust how this person could be. At the end I decide to go to a two generations family company. One of the two brothers is tax consultant and the other lawyer. So I think it is a great security for the future If someone wants trouble.

In the first step I will work as a freelancer. Yeah, I know. I know. It's not a real Business. But I will save a lot of money and I also learn the first basics how to deal with an own "Business" with a low risk.

Next meeting will be with the lawyer.

The lawyer should build a strong contract for me which I will use for all of my clients. I heard a little bit around and many people who are building websites or doing online marketing have the problem that their clients are not paying as they promised.

I pay money now for the lawyer and save more money and time in the future.

On Friday I met my new customer. After the work I was pretty tired. Low energy. But my desire one day saying You ! gave my the right focus again. She should be my next Client!

My client has a little Shop in Berlin's most expensive Shopping Street: Kudamm.

Something I really like to do is to ask the clients on the phone if it is possible to use during the conversation the first name. I have the feeling of building trust very fast.

So when I walk into the shop I walk in with energy and Say: Hello.....! My name is..... (Giving Hand) I'm glad to meet you. We have a meeting for....

You have to fit with your clients. Also speak like them and in the "Fashion World" it is totally normal to use the first name. Maybe for other business areas not.

My client has the problem that she would like to sell more products with Instagram. I mentioned that having a good own website and the right tools would bring more profit than Instagram ads. But she wasn't interested.

We have talked about the investment for building the Shop and the monthly

She agreed!

During the conversation of what to do next in Instagram marketing she mentioned that she is maybe closing her shop in less than 3 months. The owner of this place is going to raise the rent and she maybe cant afford it.

This was the moment where I realised that I have the responsibility for my clients and the employees of them. I mean everybody is talking about their freedom and making money. But not many people are talking about the responsibility what if the company is depending on you to survive.

I had a strong conflict with myself and I decide to be honest and say the hard true. The chances to make enough Money with Instagram in this short period of time is not possible. Maybe other people can manage it but I was the wrong guy for this situation. I cant promise what I cant observe.

After this serious talk she mentioned that she maybe wants to give up selling fashion. She had this Thought very long and maybe try something new. Her next busines idea is a Coffee Shop. Target Group: Young People.

She wants to have a Website and a App which should bring her the customers and I should work on her side for the future project. Working in the background and managing all the "Online Stuff".

I really appreciated her offer. But my attitude for the Business World is always: Believe when you are holding it in your Hand. Even then, prove it:smile:

She also gave me the advice where I can find a new interested customer for Marketing. I'm excited again!

So this week my client is meeting the owner of the place and then she will contact me again and talk about the next steps.


Bronze Contributor
Feb 4, 2018
Great job!
Very good that you're taking constant action. I truly hope you will succeed. But when you work like this, then I know you will.
Greetings from Estonia!


Feb 8, 2019
Morning Routine

I have read in Unscripted about a recommended Book "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod and I found the Idea being more productive in the morning fantastic!

Today is the first day and I woke up one Hour earlier at 4:30 am than usual.

Let's see what the 30 Days Challenge brings.


Feb 8, 2019
Launching my First Website

Today is the Big Day. Something I have worked the last months for. Something I have run home after work. To save as much time as possible and something I believed has big potential for me: Learnings how to build Websites with Codes.

And something I wish I have asked the right question before: Why do I learn building Websites?

I have bought courses at udemy and I did the same what they showed me. I learned a lot. Then it was time to work on my own feets. Of course I used the Codes which are saved on my Laptop to make my own website.

I had mistakes here and there. It was frustrating but I needed a website. So I had two options: Finding someone on fiverr or because I'm a lazy a$$ in some cases. Use YouTube to search: How to build websites with HTML and CSS?

I used the Codes the guy on YouTube showed me and I made a few changes here and there. Et voila! Website is finished.

After all that work I really asked myself why I had spent so much time to build a website when I just can watch a YouTube Video for one hour. Of course you have to understand the basics of a website. But in long term I will definitely outsource that work to others.

Next Step will be Writing a Sell Letter for Cold Emailing. Use HTML to make it looks more professional and integrate it with Gmail.

What I learned.

Out there are a lot of free resources and you just have to understand how to use them. You will save a lot of money and especially time.


Jan 28, 2019
Hey Haus,

just a little tip from a developer:

I don't think, you need HTML and CSS skills for your use case. To get started most quickly and with the most professional look, I'd suggest you go with wordpress and use free templates. Professionals spend tons of hours on them using different technologies beyond HTML & CSS, so you'd probably be better off with something like that.

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Feb 8, 2019
Finally My First Website is Launched

The first Step to look more professional is done. My Website is finished.

It just has the Basics. I will put more Value in it and give Google more Information about my own Agency. Deliver informational content, hidden as Sell Letter with Call to Act.

I uploaded on the wrong folder in GoDaddy the Code so I waited 4 Days for the Website get Launched. I thought it is normal. Till somebody showed how to do it right.

Now I have to learn more about SEO. Dont know much about it. I ordered the Book: Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall. Can´t wait to learn something new and proof it practically.

Meanwhile I finished my HTML Cold Mail.

For everybody who is interested to give his Cold Mailing Marketing more uniqueness can use this free Source I use from a YouTube Guy. You Just need to understand the Basics of HTML. Nothing more. Even a Guy like me who can not handle GoDaddy did it. Why not you?

These are the Steps I used to write the Sell Text:
  • Before you write you should ask yourself: What do you want to write?
  • Write down without analyzing.
  • Put at the End a Call To Act.
  • Rereaded it and make it a Step better.
  • Dont use difficult language.
  • Take a Huge Care for Mistakes.
  • Dont Make it too perfect.

I really can recommend for Basic understanding How to write a Marketing Text the Book: Power Sales Writing by Hershkowitz.

I wasnt only working on my Website for the Agency. I also prepared a Website for unknown Fashion Designer who wants to etablish themself as a Brand and earn Money.
Wit my Little Knowledge I ended the Front End of the Page. I hired a Guy who has more experience in UI & UE than me to make it look more professional.

The bigger difficulty would be the backend work. Let´s see how to handle it.



Feb 8, 2019
Hey Haus,

just a little tip from a developer:

I don't think, you need HTML and CSS skills for your use case. To get started most quickly and with the most professional look, I'd suggest you go with wordpress and use free templates. Professionals spend tons of hours on them using different technologies beyond HTML & CSS, so you'd probably be better off with something like that.
I also thought about using CMS. It is much easier and the normal customer dont see the difference between CMS and a programmed Website.

The reason why I like to program a website is because I have more control over the page. I can imagine how my website should look like and I can program it right now. If a have a problem. I can ask someone or pay money for it and learn how he did it. Even if it takes much more time at the end of the day having finished the website.

The other reason why I dont want to use CMS is because I think in long term. My websites should be independent from any provider.

The second reason is: I Listen to my Guts and it tells me that in long term an independent website with SEO is much more effective than a CMS website. I dont know. Maybe it is not true. But my Guts says yes and it feels good.


Feb 8, 2019

My Website is ready and I learned that there is always something to do. I have to force myself not to invest more time to make it more perfect. I always eant to improve something. Make it more bigger. But at the end. Even being productive can be action-faking.

The real reason why I have this website is to find customers.
Since the website is online I contacted 0 potential Customers.

0. Null. Nada.

Instead I was more focusing on other things like building the Fashion Website. Having Employees Calls for my agency via Skype. Reading The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall.....

Not even mentioned the work process behind the work. Like how to use this program? Where to find these Tools? And so on.

I spent yesterday more than a half hour to understand how FileZilla works. I'm only talking about How to login?

Too many things which has to be understood.

It is frustrating and I'm also disappointed about myself.

I think the solution to stay more focused is working with weekly task challenges. It will help me to reflect myself better and to find out how I really work.

This Weekly Challenge: Contacting 30 Customers

I won't send basic emails with the same text for everybody.

I will take time to find out if they have a website or not. What can I improve on their website?

How can I help them selling their products? What kind of Advertisement is powerful for them?

Do they have Instagram or not? How can I improve our help building a brand on Instagram?

And why it is the most effective way for them to work in long term with me together?

I will try this:

80% - Basic
20% - Individual for every Customer

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