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Execution Progress to 20 k a year from a 16 year old teenager from Germany

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New Contributor
Jan 13, 2022
Hi I´m not a complete new bie to this forum but i finally registered an account and wanted to start a execution thread and tell you something about me meawhile.
First of all Im living in a pretty privileged situation, my parents are both doctors , we are living in a nice house and so on.
Since one year Im interested in entrepreneurship and consuming books related to this topic like Milionaire Faslane and many more .
To my entrpreneurial journey so far: Last year i started this with some classic print on demand shopify stores, which absolutely failed due to lack of knowledge and Willingness to take risks with capital on ad plattforms.
Next I started an etsy shop by selling apple air tag cases or apple watch band, which exeptionally well and did about 860 and 5000 $ in Profit.
Then etsy closed the shop because delivery time were to long and too many customers opened a case. So my steady income stream was instantly shut down.
During the pandemic I had home schooling so I had enought time to start a youtube channel in a niche market for the topic sneaker reselling.
I also started reselling as a side hustle in 2021, which brought in rougly 2000 $ of income . Then I saw a perfect oppurtunity and I started making a video course for Sneaker Reselling, which I advertised at my YT channel, and made me 1000 $ of income in 2021.

2021 Profits summarised :
Etsy store 5000 $
Sneaker Reselling 2000 $
Video Course 1000 $
YT channel 100 $
8000 $

Now I have a pretty good capital for future entrepreneurial adventures but I also I invested some of it longterm in ETFS around 240 $ every month and 500 $ into Cryptos.

This year i want to build an online store, which runs with dropshipping but with high quality packaging.
This store should get its traffic from just affiliate marketing over small influencer and normal people.
Currently I have a Apple Watch band store NOBLEBANDS where i try to implement this marketing tactic , but it takes some time and is not really working since it is difficult to find people in the fashion industry with apple watch , which are willing to market on commision.
The next idea i´m interested in pursuing this year is building up a brand with a subscription model for a monthly use product. I saw a popular band, which is doing this for boxershorts and the model itself seems pretty good.
I know Im really at the start at this and will make many mistakes however i will learn from my mistakes and will reach my goals.
Also my Youtube Channel will get monetarised and with 10000 Clicks per month I will earn around 100 $ a month and Im also creating some new video courses

Goals for 2022

-Earn 20000 $
-Create 5 new videocourses
-build a succesful online store without facebook ads
-Reach 3000 subscribes on Youtube
- Invest 300 $ monthly
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Nice, congrats on some initial success. Be proud of yourself for making strides at such a young age when people twice your age struggle to make $100.


New Contributor
Jan 13, 2022
Nice, congrats on some initial success. Be proud of yourself for making strides at such a young age when people twice your age struggle to make $100.
Thanks a lot for your awnser I will keep the hustle up and will update regularly here. You are also doing an incredible job with educating people around the world about our rigged system, motivating them to live a better life and changing their whole life with your books


New Contributor
Jan 13, 2022
Update 23.01.22
This week was a bit frustrating but i also learned a lot about facebook marketing and their ad rules. I wanted to try some ads for my apple watch band website but it seems like it isnt allowed to use texts like "Winter Sale" in your pictures. Also i did a bit more of market research and figured out that there just to much big competitors out there with to much capital to spend on ads. Affiliate Marketing with micro influencer with Apple Watch Bands is also a difficult thing to pursue due to the lack of influencers, which show that they are wearing apple watches. At least I learned how to set up affiliate marketing systems.

Youtube Channel

A good thing is that my Yt channel got monetized and Iam now able to earn aproximately 100 Dollar a month alone from YT because I have an 8 Dollar CPM with around 13.000 Clicks per month, which will get more and more overtime.
This weekend I produced around 10 Youtube videos and also did my first YT livestream with 30 viewers average.

Sneaker Reselling
This week I also did a bit of Sneaker Reselling and did about 80 Dollar in Profit

Online Shop

I think i will stop pursuing the apple watch band venture and try to build up some brands to newer products on the market.
I will order 2-3 products, which run really well on facebook ads , but where the products are not branded right. I will bring these products to the European or German speaking market with better facebook or instagram ads, that are not just copied from aliexpres. After testing them out I will aproximately decide between the products on the basis of the FB ads performance.

Order 2-3 winning products
Build a test website around these products
Preproduce 5 Youtube videos
Master the chemical exam with succes
Fill a new etsy store with products

I will update every weekend here for a clear structure and to hold myself accountable for my weekly goals.
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New Contributor
Jan 13, 2022
Update 30.01.22

This week was pretty good I bought 4 shoes, which will make me about 300 $ in Resell.
Also my YT monetarisation is briging in around 4 Dollars a day compeltely passive from videos i pre produced three weeks ago. So I made around 40 $ from Youtube and around 30 $ from my videocourses.

1200 Dollar Sneaker Investments

Aditionally this week i bought 7 pairs of hyped sneakers for 1200 $ that are currently undervalued and should rise about 120$ in the next six months.

Online Shop:
I´m currently waiting that the products arrive meanwhile im searching for some good print on demand products, which can be advertised easily over Tik Tok. I also filled my Etsy stores with some products and will soon start my pushing technique for Etsy accounts.

Goals next week:
- produce 5 Yt videos
- search for new videocourse topics where i have good knowledge
- tryout some tests with a simple built website for an pod product
-shoot ads if the ordered products arrive


New Contributor
Jan 13, 2022
Long time no update haha
Businesses is running quite well i would say. In the last months i focused primarily on Youtube and Sneaker Reselling and builting some businesses around Sneaker Reselling. I also did some dropshipping products on tiktok which has definitley huge potential but the competition in this market is huge. I will first build me a solid income with my Youtube Channel and Sneaker Reselling before im experimenting with dropshipping products. Im still in school so i naturally have to write some exams which is also not that easy to manage on the side.
In the following i list up my current sources of income and what i do with the money.
Laufende Business mit Einnahmen und zukünftige Ideen


  • YT Ads : 150
  • Cookgroup Affiliate: 30
  • Ads in Genereal : 30
  • Botting Provisionen 50


Sneaker Reselling


Sneaker Investing


Monthly Income


Most of the money is invested back into Sneaker Reselling and sneaker that will blow up in price in summer
Around 250 monthly are invested in Stocks and Cryptos.


Sneaker Botting Service

Online Shop for Hyped Sneaker mit Laces und Anticreasing Products über YT Bewerben

Print on Demand T Shirt Shop for Facebook and ads in social groups

High Margin Shop over TikTok Ads

Reallife Business: W maybe Home Cleaning Service ( Cutting Grass, Cleaning Entrances

Local Social Media Marketing Agency

End Goal is to have a stable income of around 1500-2000 at the end of the year and maybe 20 k this year but will be difficult


Silver Contributor
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Mar 24, 2021
London, UK
Whatever you do, do not stop. Keep the momentum going.

I love it
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