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Example of Bay Area home prices...

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Aug 14, 2007
holy crap - that's expensive! That that kind of cash I'd rather move to the Hampton's and get still a house 5 times as big. :)


Aug 13, 2007
The Woodlands, TX
For that kind of money in Houston, you could get a house so big it would stretch all the way down Billionaires Row, and you would have enough cash left over to buy two new Sikorski S-76 helicopters to park on the roof. The house would take up one whole side of the street, and all the peons in their piddly $30MM houses would have to live on the otherside of the street. You neighbors would complain about how all of their landscaping dies because you're house is so big it blocks the sunlight to theirs.


New Contributor
Aug 15, 2007
A special kind of house.....

Special because you would have to "special" to buy it considering it is one of the most expensive houses ever and it's literally a doesn't have walls or doors!!!

Much better buys elsewhere i think..... ;>


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