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INTRO Ex corporate manager, on the way to UNSCRIPTION?

Andrea Cabassi

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 17, 2019
I'm a new user, let me introduce myself.
I'm Italian (sorry for eventual grammar mistakes), 44 years old. In Q3/2017 I quit my job (I was corporate manager in Dubai) to self-publish an autobiographical book about life change and take a gap year to travel, with the intention to go back to corporate life after it.

In 300 days backpacking South America (finished in Q4/2018) I realized I didn't (and don't) want a corporate job anymore. My goal is to become a digital nomad and to live an UNSCRIPTED life.
I've been studying how to make it real for the past year or so. Last month, following a friend tip, I read (better say: studied) The Millionaire Fastlane and, immediately after, UNSCRIPTED.

I loved both books and, thanks to them, I learnt the following:

A) The book that I self-published in 2018 (in Italian only, so far) follows the C.E.N.T.S. principle and it is a first step towards unscription. I wasn't aware of it before. Btw, I won't unveal the title as I'm NOT here for self promotion.

B) A few days after self-publishing my Italian book I broke even and I think I made a wrong choice, deciding to have it translated into English. My purpose was to reach new markets and drastically increase the number of potential readers (together with the competition).
Once the translation was completed (and paid), I realized that the English edition was taking a lot of my time and preventing me to properly market the Italian edition, even if the productocracy is there. As I'm a beginner and unknown writer (and not a V.I.P.), marketing is key.

Reading TMF, I had the confirmation that I was not monogamous anymore: I was spreading energies between two parallel projects (Italian edition and English edition of the same book).

What I'm doing: as I already paid the English translation, I don't want to give up the English edition option. But, instead of self-publishing it, I'm considering to look for a publisher for the English edition, that ideally would take care of publishing and marketing it. Meanwhile, I can then focus on the Italian edition marketing.

I'd like to kindly ask, if possible, your point of view about the following:
1) Is my above analysis correct?
2) How do you suggest me to go ahead?
3) Do you think that looking for a publisher for the English edition would be a wise choice or would it take me the same time of self-publishing it?
4) Which is the best way to look for a publisher for the English edition? It's a non-fiction, autobiographical book about life change at 40.

Remark: I'm NOT here to promote my book, but I need to talk about it to make you understanding my concern and try to get your help.

Thank you very much in advance and best regards.

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