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Enlighten others - what are your top 3 accomplishments and why?

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Bronze Contributor
Jul 16, 2017
Salt Lake City
#1 - Family..... wife, kiddos - the whole thing

#2 - Live performances in front of 70,000+ people.... (that doesn't just "happen")

#3 - DEBT FREE... (unfortunately, this one is a lie right now.... but it won't be for too much longer!)

Why are these top accomplishments for me? There's a saying that says, "What you focus on.... expands..."

Nothing has brought me more joy than my wife and children. There's a deeper sense of purpose and compassion in my life with them in it.

To be able to perform in front of live audiences took years and YEARS of hard work and mastery of a skill....

When I'm debt free... I'm beholden to NO ONE... I can't think of anything more powerful than that!

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