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Elon educating a slowlaner...

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Mar 13, 2013
I love Elon Musk. But I give it a <1% chance this Erin person is persuaded in the least. Elon would probably be better off ignoring his critics, but fair play to him for throwing truth bombs out there. Who knows? Maybe someone else will see his post and actually be inspired to take action.


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Mar 31, 2018
Ha, I love this! I want to have the power to say something like this some day.

It’s so strange how much my mentality has changed about rich people just in the past 7 months or so after reading TMF and then Unscripted. They are rich for one reason and one reason alone... they or someone close to them created a system of value with big impact in scale and/ or magnitude. That’s it!

Considering that in high school (2011) I was one of those Occupy Wallstreet Protesters (Yup... I cringe) this was a HUGE mental shift for me.

Now I can actually *allow* myself to become rich instead of dwelling on how poor and victimized I am, and how I am entitled to XYZ because “rich people are mean and greedy.”

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