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eCommerce - Link to Landing Pages or direct to product

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Mar 27, 2019
greetings from germany
hallo fastlaners!

i watched some realy good videos about content strategy yesterday (ezra firestone - what d you think about that guy? i like him) and today i would like to implement some stuff to my store and to my greater strategy.

one thing stick to my mind. and i will do an a/b test on that for sure - but i would also like to know the thougths of you old and wise eCommerce fastlaners ;) and the thouths from the new ones too of course.

- should i use landing pages for every link that i put on fb/ig/ other blogs/ etc ? as i sell t shirts(...) i would just use a big hero slider with some images + coresponding small text and some more images+links to the product as a landing page. i would NOT link direct to the product.
i would use that for single shirts and also for collections of shirts (eg my new "fox" shirt" and also a landing page for all "fox" shirts. a landing page for all "animal shirts"...).

i get the idea to "pre sell" the customer to your product, show it to them with bigger images, a relevant text and so one. something that i couldnt do on my product page.

is that an overkill for something like t shirts? or actualy a good idea?

thank you
have a great day

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