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Does your daily life respect the CENTS commandments ?

Discussion in 'General Mindset, Motivation, Beliefs' started by Jeff Noel, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Jeff Noel

    Jeff Noel Silver Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass

    Likes Received:
    Oct 26, 2018
    Quebec, Canada
    Rep Bank:
    Do you do what you really want during the day ?
    Do you always fall back to the cheap routine, with reality escapes like television, video games and other things that help you delay your execution plan ?
    Do you fall asleep at night wondering if you even did one useful thing in the day ?

    Can anyone else replicate your daily life easily ?
    Is your routine saturated, to the point I could be doing it by just following easy steps ?
    I couldn't do what a Fortune 500 CEO does daily, it's not accessible to me. I can't follow a course and learn to become a Fortune 500 CEO - you learn that through experience. But I can follow a course to learn to do your exact same job, then I can also sit down and watch TV or browse Reddit.

    Do you fulfill someone else's need, daily ?
    What do you do to identify peoples' needs and do you work towards a solution (business idea) ?
    What step did you take today towards the launch of that new product that will help people ?

    How many hours (yes, hours) do you waste everyday ? Think about it.
    Is your time optimized ?

    I cut my morning gaming time from 2h00 to ~35 minutes. Why ? To read TMF in a week. Why do I still have gaming time in the morning ? To write articles related to my business ideas. The time I game is now used to analyze techniques and methods players can do, related to my business idea.

    (bear with me on this one, quite shaky as it's my next chapter tomorrow morning... I shall edit this definition later on !)
    Can your daily actions be scaled to a greater extent. How good is your routine ?
    Could your routine become a master routine for people to follow so they have a better life ?
    Eliminate mediocrity from your day-to-day actions to increase the scalability - thus the impact - of your one single day on the rest of your life.
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