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NOTABLE! Developing the Confidence to Step Forward into the Unknown

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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Standing on the Edge of Darkness | Part 1
You know that feeling you get when you hate the life you're stuck in, desperately wishing for an escape?

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.11.00 AM.png

There are so many people who are standing on the edge of darkness, stuck in an place that is just draining their soul away from them; dreaming of the one day they can finally take that leap.

But they don't do it...
  • They live in a negative environment (still living with their parents in their 20's, stuck with bad roommates, a depressing city, a toxic relationship, etc.).
  • They have these dreams leaving their old life behind and chasing their dreams, all the while their "comfortable" and "secure" job drains the life out of them; wanting to quit so fu*king bad.
They don't know what's waiting for them in the dark shadows of the unknown.

They keep asking that same old question time after time beginning with those two words...

What if...

Another day goes by and their life remains the same.

They are standing on the edge of darkness and they are feeling that fear.

I wrote this for: How to get out of parents house?

You're living in an an environment that isn't right for you, and it's almost as if you're waiting for someone's permission to take the leap...

But what if moving out of the parent's house or quitting your job or whatever edge of darkness YOU'RE standing on isn't the problem at all? What if they are just surface-level symptoms to a much more deeper-rooted opportunity for you? What if this is your chance to do something that most people never have...

And become someone who can confidently navigate the darkness.
  • How badass would you be if you become the type of person who is able to leap forward into the unknown, despite how many external circumstances in your life might appear to be holding you back?
  • How badass would you be if you became the type of person who developed the confidence to trust in yourself and your abilities to make it in this world on your own? Dependent on no one and no thing.
  • How badass would you be if you transformed into the type of person who doesn't give a fu*k about what other people think you should do; and you are able to lead your own life on your own terms?
Do you know what really scores brownie points in this world we live in?

Character traits.

I was on a client call the other day. He came to me saying he has ten different business ideas floating through his mind, and he needed clarity and confidence to focus on one...

That's what he said he wanted, but what does he actually need for himself?


He wants to be 100% absolutely certain in his decisions.

That when he takes that step forward with his life, it will lead to a successful outcome. Normally, there is this technique I personally use to find this certainty: Imagine floating into your future, imagining and feeling as if you already are where you want to be. Looking back in time, what did you do to get here?

Every single time I use this leads to a new insight, a flash, a vision; and I have the clue I need from deep in the realms of my mind...without fail.

Except this time.

This time, all he saw from this future memory was complete darkness.

After about 40 minutes of trying to do change work on the issue of seeing complete darkness instead of the insight, we came up with the following conclusion...

"What if he's not meant to see what steps he should take next?"

That's what it was.

What if the message he is supposed to have learned is the ability to blindly jump forward into the darkness with the trust and faith that things are going to work out for the best on the other side?

But how could we be certain that things will turn out for the best when we make these decisions in our lives? Logically, we don't know what's going to happen...

Normally, we need the certainty that whatever decision we're about to make (move out of parents house, quit job, etc) will lead to a successful outcome, and that we will avoid failure...

So what do we do?

We are standing on the edge of darkness, waiting to jump...

But we don't do it...

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.11.00 AM.png

We keep asking that same old question time after time...

What if...

Another week goes by and your life remains the same.
We are standing on the edge of darkness and we are feeling that fear of where it might lead you if you jump.
If you were 100% certain that your best-case possible scenario will play out (you'll make a million dollars tomorrow, everything will fall into place)'d take that leap without a second thought, wouldn't you?

But you don't...

Another month goes by and your life remains the same.

So how do you move past that fear and take the leap into the unknown?

How do you find that 100% certainty, clarity, and confidence in your decisions, knowing things will turn out well...before you take that leap?

The answer is, you can't.

But you actually can...

What if we flip the script...

How certain can you be that things will continue to get worse for you if you stay where you are now? Not remain the same, but actually get worse by the day...

Looking back in the past up until now, you can see that things are always a little painful at first, and then they build up more, and more, and more...until something happens...

But why is that?

Another year goes by and your life remains the same.

My client's message from his unconscious was not to find the certainty in his decision before he made the leap, but to develop the confidence in himself to step into the darkness and the unknown.

How badass would that be for him if, and for the rest of his life, if we have the bravery and confidence to step forward with anything in his life...despite not knowing where it will lead us.

While other people are standing around waiting for permission from others, waiting for the sign, and waiting for other people to save them, and to lead them...he is leading his own life, in the direction he wants to go.



Years go by while you're life is getting worse, and he is moving forward with the 1% of people who are leading their own life on their own terms.

When a problem comes up, he tackles it. He solves it. He might get beat up a bit, but he can develop the strength to handle it...

So why do things continue to get worse when you don't take that leap forward, and you stay the same?

The very fact that you are not happy where you are right now is because you set this goal for yourself. You have these things you want to do, you want to experience, and you want to achieve. While other people can be happy and content with where they are, not you.

The problem for you isn't that you're not happy where you are. That's not the issue at all. It's the fact that you're thinking about it, dreaming about it, talking about it, but you're not doing anything about it.

So why will you be certain that things will continue to get more and more painful over time if you don't move; until one day, things get so bad in your current environment that you you will be forced to jump...

But why wait?

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.11.00 AM.png

I have this one friend who is starting his own business on the side of his day job (making really good money at a corporate Slowlane job in New York City).

He set the goal of moving out West and living life as a self-employed entrepreneur.

The pain started off small....

First, he was frustrated with sitting in his cubicle all day for certain hours.

He read The Millionaire Fastlane and, finally seeing what's possible for him outside of the corporate world, things get more and more painful with the Slowlane type of life.

Then, he began performing better than his peers and left at normal hours, only to get yelled at by management for not sitting at his desk and showing his face after his work is already done. It made no sense why people would treat him like this...

As the weeks and the months went on, the pain went up from a Level a Level a Level 5...

Every since he set this goal of moving out West, management at his company and his working conditions continued to get worse. They cut his ability to take days off or schedule doctors appointments during working hours.

At first he placed the blame on the management, the company culture, the job as a whole....

But what if he is doing this to himself?

What if whatever pain you are feeling as your life remains the same is actually you doing it to yourself?

Let me demonstrate an example of a women I know who's been in an abusive relationship. The man started off all nice, then he shows subtle signs of anger.
  • He has an outburst with his words. She stays, thinking things will change on their own. Her friends start to warn her about him.
  • He has an affair. She stays, thinking things will change on their own. Her friends and family continue to tell her that he's no good for her.
  • He begins throwing her stuff around the room in anger, and punches holes through the wall. She stays, thinking things will change on their own. Her friends say she can stay with them to help her escape the abusive situation.
  • He gets violent and physically assaults her....
The signs of the pain started off small and built up like a snowball over time.

All along, she was given options for escape with her friends help and offers, where the opportunity for escape has been here all along, you're just choosing not to take it and you stay where you are.

Another six months goes by and your life remains the same.

She could always make this ONE decision to realize that long ago, she set this goal for herself.

She wants to be in a loving, caring, safe relationship. She has this opportunity to leap at any given time and get back on the path she is meant to walk on....but the choice is in her actions. Does she stay and will the pain continue to build in the form of the abusive man? Does she go?

In my friend's case - she stayed due to the fear of the unknown if she could make it on her own...

Then things finally got so bad, that she was forced to leave and had no option for her own survival...because she waited too long to take that leap. She could have chosen to go months prior, but she made the decision to stay...

Just like you are choosing to not leap...

We don't know what will happen if we go, but we can be certain of what will happen if we stay...

The happy ending: Ten months later, my friend is living back in Arizona with her own job, a good roommate, and met a boyfriend who is better for her. Because she finally recognized the signs and corrected her actions (move out), and was walking back on that path she wanted to walk on

What if I said, she did this to herself?

Not in the sense of her staying too long...but if a very part of herself, within her...was the very cause of the man's actions...and no, she didn't provoke him.

What if I said all the painful things in your environment, all the bad things other people do to you, and all the things you are complaining about in your something you did to yourself?


All too often we blame our environment, others, or our circumstances for holding us back.

Are you familiar with the term fixed vs. growth mindset? Where a person with a fixed mindset stays locked in their old ways of thinking and locks themselves in their old way of being? Whereas a person with a growth mindset is open to new possibilities, new understandings, and new ways of thinking; ultimately leading them to new ways of being, and new ways of living...
  • Here's why when my friend was in an abusive relationship, I feel she literally did it to herself.
  • When my other friend's bosses treated him like garbage and he continues to stay at a job he hates, I feel he literally did it to himself.
  • And when a member of this forum complains about how much his environment sucks...he is literally doing it to himself.
That a part of them want the things outside us to be so painful, that they are forced to move...

Because they are lacking a character trait in themselves to step forward into the darkness on their own. Imagine how much better their lives would be if they escaped at the first sign of pain, instead of letting it continue to build up...

Continued in next post....

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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Standing on the Edge of Darkness | Part 2
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.11.00 AM.png
The Ultimate Empowerment Mindset

There are three parts of the human mind:
  1. The Conscious Mind
  2. The Unconscious Mind
  3. Your Higher Self
The conscious mind observes things outside you and is your logical filter.

The unconscious mind is where that one client floated forward on his timeline into his future trying to find the answers from his future memory. Normally, it provides a specific answer, but his future self delivered the message to step forward into the darkness.

From my experience over they years, I've used the timeline to imagine floating forward into future goals, which unfolded exactly as I saw them months or years prior. Exact visions of being on the West Coast overlooking the ocean free from a corporate job or time constraints. Exact visions of traveling the world. Exact visions of things that came true in a psychic type of way.

I trained to be a psychic in 2015...

When I first learned this, I registered it in terms of perception of the future. But during my psychic training, they say this timeline in our imagination is the fourth dimension, where past, present, and future are all happening at the same time.

When you set this goal for yourself in the future, you lock yourself on a timeline where you pave a direct pathway where you are destined to get to that goal. It's inevitable.

Taking it a step further...

Imagine that when you set this goal for yourself in the future (her being with a loving boyfriend, him owning his business on the West Coast, the member here living on his own); This is literally placing the goal on a timeline of events that are already happening in some higher realm of being.

And your higher self, the third part of your mind, past the unconscious, works along what we in psychology call the collective unconscious. This is the realm where they say there is some type of unseen connection between all people and things.

Imagine that when you set your goal for yourself in the future (him living out West), the entire universe lines up and guides you towards achieving this goal you set out for yourself.
  • That goal is a destination at the end of a path you're walking on.
  • You told the universe you want to get there, so it will take you there.
  • When you walk on the path (taking action on your business and moving out West), you are rewarded with pleasure (sales, good feelings, etc.).
  • When you stray off the path you said you want to walk on (stay at job, not move out west, not work on business), you are reminded to get back on the path via pain. Your higher self (the universe, whatever) causes other things outside of you to purposely make you feel pain when you are not living on your chosen path.
When you stray of your path and you're not living your goals...

Your higher self nudges you back on the path with a little bit of's how it communicates with you.

When you ignore the message of pain, and you stray further...your higher self increases the pain you feel by staying the same...

Another year goes by and your life remained the same, hasn't it?

The little bit of pain he felt was the nudge to get back on his path and move out west.

He ignored the pain he his higher self spoke to him again, "Hey a**hole, you told me you wanted to move out west, I got Facebook to keep showing you advertisements of apartments in Scottsdale. But you're not acting on them."

"Let's add some more pain to his life." his higher self says.

Things are getting more painful when he stays where he is...but he is still scared to leave. Fearful of stepping forward into the darkness.

Under this belief system, the things that happen to you (by others) are not something that is happening "to" you...they are happening for you.

Life isn't happening to you, live is happening for you.

You chose this life you wants to live, and you are not living it, so a part of you...your higher self is making you feel pain through the things that happen "to" you. The part of you that is connected to the actions of others is nudging you back on your path...

So if this is your higher self nudging you on the path you're meant to walk on...

What if you don't take that leap?

You can now have the certainty that things are going to get a lot more painful. There it have your certainty that your'e looking for. You can be certain of what will happen if you stay the same...

So instead of placing the blame on others (circumstances, things that happen to you, your parents doing this, your boss doing that, your life sucking at your job or where you are now), take on the empowerment belief that, because you set this goal for yourself to be somewhere else in life, a part of who you are (higher self) is actually the very thing doing these things for you.

Imagine these warning signs from the universe like a snowball effect. The pain starts off small and continues to get stronger until you reach that rock bottom and you're forced to change.

So in the instances of my friend in the relationship and the other friend staying in his job...can you see how the pain in their life starts off small and builds up the longer they stray off the trail?

We respond to pain and pleasure.

When he goes home at night and spends 4 hours taking REAL action on his business, he is rewarded by his higher self by bringing people to him who want his services. When she moved back away from her abusive ex, she came across people who helped her get stable housing, to get a job with flexible hours, and people started appearing in her life to support her on her vision.

After she took the leap...things fell right into place.

She is now in a loving relationship where things worked out, because she took that leap.

The belief system I've adopted recently is that your higher self (the universe) supports us on our goals, there is some type of connection to life happening for us (not to us), and when we take that leap to walk on the path we are meant to walk on (living the goals we set out for ourselves), we get rewarded handsomly...after we take the leap.

In every instance of my life, I've been rewarded in such ways only after I took the leap into the unknown...

The more you don't move forward towards your goal, the more painful things will get until you correct your course of actions. You will sit around and wait for it to happen for you, and it will get more painful.

Until one day...

Another life goes by and you wasted it by never living your dreams.

And that is something you can be certain of.


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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado


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Oct 1, 2016
Good stuff! You should covert this into a PDF.

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Long read enough to scare off many, but worth a read. And a NOTABLE.

I've seen a pattern here recently after the release of Unscripted and it seems people SEE the out, but they don't want to take the OUT because of the darkness, and the unknowns. So it basically becomes, I want to live Unscripted but I want certainty and comfort doing it. What should I do?


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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Good stuff! You should covert this into a PDF.

Thanks for the advice via PM.

Made a bunch of edits and converted to a PDF :)


  • Standing on the Edge of Darkness-edited.pdf
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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
The Unseen Forcefield of Resistance
You know what I'm talking about...

That resistance you get when you're about to step forward with your life and take that leap. Your bags are packed but something is holding you back...for just one more day.


There are three phases of breaking free of a negative environment:
  1. The Wishing & Waiting
  2. The Planning & Prepping
  3. Stepping Through & Leaving it All Behind
You know that big decision you're about to make? That big leap forward?

Whether it's the forum member from the original post who is about to move out of his parent's house on his own, the friend of mine who was about to leave her abusive ex behind and move back across the country with no money, or the other friend of mine who is on the verge of quitting his job and moving out west to become a full time entrepreneur; they all have one thing in common.

There's that unseen forcefield of resistance, where the closer you get to it, the more you take a step back into the comfort of the way things have been in the past. It's invisible because you can't see it, but there's some type of energy or force there that is stopping you from walking through it and being able to escape.

The closer you are to stepping through it, the stronger it feels...

Most people choose to never escape...

Another six months goes by and your life remains the same.

Stage 1 - The Wishing & Waiting

Sadly enough, this is where most people stand their whole lives.

They grow accustomed to the negative environment they are in and they 'might as well stay'. I mean, it could be worse, right?

The friend who is stuck in one of the worst working environments he's ever been in his entire life (even the slowlaners who work with him want to quit), says he has this lingering thought in the back of his mind that he could always just transition over to a different job that's "not as bad".

So I told him the story about the women with the abusive ex husband (from the original post on this thread). She could always transition over to a less abusive man to be with. Heck, maybe the new man will only beat her on the weekends, instead of the whole week...or maybe just on Mondays and Tuesdays.

He got the picture.

You want to be where you want to be and you don't want to settle for anything less.

He wants to be standing on the other edge of the forcefield, but there's that feeling you get...that resistance you feel (internal and external) when you're thinking about stepping through to the other side. But you feel the resistance...and you take a step back.

In all three instances, the solution that you see is real simple: Say I'm leaving, quit, turn the door handle, and leave...

But it's that unseen resistance that is holding you back.

So you wait. You wish. You browse these forums. You dream about it. You don't do anything about it. Wishing one day things will magically turn around so you don't have to take that leap. When I first read TMF and was living at my parent's house at the age of 25, I was in this stage of my life for two years. Stagnant. Not moving forward. Not moving. Dreaming of the day my life would magically turn around. I wasted two years of my life this way.

Even the thought of moving anywhere was like a brick wall that couldn't be penetrated.

After taking the leap in 2012 to move out west, I got a job for a few years. Then, for three months after my first business was taking off, I felt this invisible forcefield again. I was trapped in a miserable job that was not aligned in my dreams. My parents told me I would throw everything away that I worked so hard for (two college degrees, moving up in the corporate office of a large company). I didn't want to let my parents down.

I felt that unseen resistance.

The front door was 100 feet away, yet that unseen forcefield was holding me back. The closer I got, the stronger it felt...

In these instances, there becomes a point where you can now see what life will be on the other side. It's no longer stepping into the darkness , and you know what to expect after you move...

You could easily take this leap now. But you don't, because of that resistance you feel, and your life remains the same..

There are two people in this type of life. The ones that are dreaming, and then there are the ones who are actually doing.

Stage 2 - The Planning & Prepping

For anyone who knows me on this forum, this is my 10th time packing everything I own into a car or a travel suitcase and moving to either a new city, or a new country in an entirely different continent.

Where I am now is a negative environment for me.

I won't go into my specifics because they don't matter, but for the past week, ever since I've made that decision to leap and go back where I belong...I still felt that unseen forcefield of resistance, and it's stronger than ever...despite doing this so many times before.

In this second stage, you've committed to jumping through.
  • You bought that plane ticket.
  • Your bags are packed.
  • You found that apartment or sublet.
You've made some symbolic gesture in the physical world where you know that you're going to leave, but there is only one thing standing in the way...


Stage 3 - Stepping Through & Leaving it All Behind

I was supposed to step through this morning, leave it all behind, and go where I know I'm meant to be. Where my soul already is... But something stopped me, and I don't know why...

But it all feels so real. The bags being packed, just in view over the top side of this laptop monitor are a reminder that I already made the decision to leave, I already made that symbolic physical gesture in the real world, that the environment I hate is soon to be left behind, and tomorrow morning, thousands of miles will be traveled in a 40L travel backpack and two bags of belongings...

Taking me to that place everybody says they want to be...

But most people reading this won't ever go...

Because only the few that do, step through and get to see what life is like on the other side.

While you read this and wait...

Tomorrow...I'll let you know what it look and feels like on the other side.


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May 28, 2014
I want to live Unscripted but I want certainty and comfort doing it. What should I do?
You should call me a fake leader. Apparently in 4 minutes you can come to this conclusion. Which amounts too, I don't want to be liberated and I move so fast, I'm not willing to listen or build anything long-term. I'd love to know if Andrews works, because all the millennials I encounter read right through copy writing. I'm always fake.

I think it's a mindset that if you are not in their clique, your fake. A lot of mind games, cushioning, bread crumbing, jabs, jumps, and maneuvers. More like a chess game between Millennials and Generation X. Very brilliant, smart, and really I tell you it's more like playing hockey in entrepreneurship. I don't like saying it, but it's quite interesting to say the least. And glad I have a son just as intelligent and smart to kick their butts. He's taking some computer courses to get in the game. I wouldn't worry about those who are in lower consciousness, there are plenty of them up and running. I don't think they're all as lazy as you think. I've seen plenty of them doing some serious research, digging, inventing, and there quite ambitious. I think some of them are, but I mostly see the one's who are very well educated and they're making comments about copy writing. But they're very deceptive, co-vert, strategic.


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Jul 31, 2015
Great stuff Andrew!

I believe this type of content is the logical next progression from Unscripted - how to DARE take action when the results are unknown and seemingly risky.

Taking it a step further...

And your higher self, the third part of your mind, past the unconscious, works along what we in psychology call the collective unconscious. This is the realm where they say there is some type of unseen connection between all people and things.

Loved it...Until you went all crazy here. This is the whole "secret" spiel. I prefer to believe that it's fully ME that makes good things happen to me - unaided by higher beings.


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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Waiting for Permission from Others to Act
& Playing by the Rules of Society
When I was in second grade, the holiday season came around and my teacher insisted that nobody in the class was allowed to bring her any holiday gifts. None. Zero. Never. She forbid it!

My mom bought some type of flower thing where it's a big seed in the pot, and it blooms out to be some big thing. I don't know. Flowers aren't my thing.

"Mom, the teacher told me not to bring in gifts." I said.

After 30 minutes of arguing and me crying my eyeballs out in my room for another two hours, I walked into the classroom the next morning, wiping away the tears and the buggers from my face, placing the wrapped box on the teacher's desk.

Silence filled the classroom.

Every other student in the class knew not to go past the forbidden zone and knew that I seriously fu*ked up. The air was filled with an aura of those old western films where a calm before the storm fills the city and the gun duel unfolds.

Except in this case, I was not able to fire back.

I was screamed at like I was never screamed at by a teacher in my entire I eventually spent the whole day crying and went home to wipe the buggers off my face from crying so much that day.

My mom made me do it, because mommy knows best.

I'm 30 years old...

You see, there was a time in our lives where mommy knows best. When I was four years old and about to climb on the open window of the second story house, she told me to get down...and I listened to her. Before I could go out at night, I would have to ask for permission.

With my teachers, you see the type of emotional trauma I faced when I didn't listen to the orders that my teachers gave me. I honestly think society seriously f*cks up our generations by the way our kids our raised. We are socially conditioned and bred to wait for permission from those in an authority position.

The character trait that often holds us back is when we play by the rules of society, do things the way we are supposed to do things, and we don't give ourselves permission to do what we feel is right in our hearts.

I just got off a client call with someone who is about to make those big life decisions in the entrepreneurship world. To quit the job, to drop out of college, to take that leap; the decision doesn't matter. It's the advice he came to me take this action or to not take this action. He read some of my posts on here and saw that I was experienced in the world of entrepreneurship and journey through life, so he wanted my advice...

At the surface, if you ask any experienced member of this forum for advice, it's better than taking it from a slowlaner who repeats the rules of society (go to school, safe secure job, etc.). BUT... I would still say that the character trait that we need as entrepreneurs is best served when we give ourself permission to act, and we follow what is in our heart and make our own decisions.

So I didn't give him advice...

I took him through an exercise to build the confidence in himself to make his own decisions, so by the end of the call - he had what it takes to develop the character trait to not listen to his parent's advice, not listen to societies advice, and not even put himself in the inferior position to ask an entrepreneur for advice.

The real win came when he put him in the position to be superior to all advice, and trust in his in his heart to walk down the path in life he wants to walk on. It's this character trait that is most important.

So after our call, I wrote out an email to him...

Living your life on your own terms

After I get off calls, I usually type out an email to recap the lessons we've gone through . I view the dropping out of school being a surface-level symptoms of the deeper-level changes that took place.

The deeper level change that you really made was to transform into a person who is leading your own life and making your own decisions regardless of outside adversity. On the call, we released the fear of failure, made the identity-level shift so you are now the person (and you always have been the person at your core) who leads your own life and makes your own decisions.

There is that feeling that came from your heart that led you to make the decision that led you to be with that girl, and then there is that feeling that came from your heart that led you to where you are making the decision to live the life you want to live today.

Why do people not make their own decisions in life?

Imagine seeing the timeline of your life from high above.

You were born, you walk this journey on this path we call life, and then you die. All too often, we get caught up in the decisions here and now, wanting to please our parents, do things the way were taught and conditioned to do things our entire life, and this gets in the way of our personal happiness because we are incongruent with the desires of our heart.

If you imagine that timeline of your life being a hiking trail through the wilderness, you were born at the beginning of the trail. You were born free, you were born to make the decisions in your life where you do what YOU want to do, and that is who you are at your core.

But earlier on in life, other people fill up your subconscious mind with beliefs, fears, doubts, and society (family, the school system, the government, society as a whole) conditions you to abide by the values of social conditioning.

You don't want to strive off the trail that most people walk on because of the fear they installed in you. It might lead to short-term pain or temporary failure. Your heart is pulling you to do this one thing you know you are meant to do (in our cases, to break away from the herd and being a full time entrepreneur). Yet most people don't listen to that gut feeling inside of them (their gut or their heart), and they listen to their mind (which is distorted by unrealistic beliefs and fears that were not their own, but the gunk that builds up in our mind, imposed by other people).

So most people who listen to their mind and their fears continue to walk down the path other people tell them to walk down, because that's what they were conditioned to do.

But where does that lead them?

Look up at your entire journey through life from high above, from start to finish. When they get to the end of their lives, none of these little decisions we made (quitting job, dropping out of school, leaving a specific person) really matter. You're going to die anyway, and in that moment, looking back on a life of regret sucks.

That's why I always follow my heart, because when I walk the path I want to walk on; I am happy with my deicision. And this way, as I go through life, building my businesses, writing my books, doing what makes me feel right - and strive away from the way I'm "supposed to" do things...I can say I lived a life of happiness.

So going back to the root cause of a problem a lot of people in our situations face.

We allow others to make decisions for us.

We want to listen to our parents, or friends, teachers, family, etc. because earlier on in our trail through life, we made a decision to allow others to lead our lives. This worked out great in the past. When I was climbing near the second story bedroom window as a baby, and my parents told me to get down and pulled me off...I made the decision to let my parents make my decisions for me.

I made the decision to allow others to make decisions for me.

And this decision you made to allow others to lead your life and how you used to wait for permission for others to make decisions for us, or the fear of letting others down (our parents/friends/family/etc.) when want to choose to go of the path and go on our own..

This is the time in our life where that decision to please others and wait for permission to act before doing what's best for longer just holds us back from living the life on our own terms.

It's the very thing that's getting in the way.

Can you see how at one point waiting for permission was a good thing when you were a child? And that this very thing that once benefited you is no longer needed because you are an adult now and the first step is to shed that limitation of allowing others to lead your life.

Through our session today, you allowed this lesson to really sink in to the deeper levels of your unconscious mind, and now you are the person who:

  1. Knows what you need to do (following your heart).
  2. Knows that only you can make this decision, and nobody is every going to give you permission to do it.
And it's on you, and only you right now - to lead your own life and be the one in control of the path you walk...

All the best,


Just arrived back in Boulder, Colorado this weekend...first video of being here (20 second clip)


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