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Developing a Fastlane Business Via a Content-based Business model?


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Jun 3, 2017
Hello fastlaners,
Having read and understood the fastlane Interstates in The Millionaire Fastlane, MJ included content-based business model as a potential fastlane interstate.

A forum like this is fastlane business. I currently run a tech blog which I find it difficult to scale ( bring in tons of visitors) to the masses.

Anyone who has successfully built and scaled a content-based business like a blog or forum can please tell me his or her experiences and tips on how I can scale the business (blog) to reach thousands if not millions of people.

Any valuable advice is welcomed

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May 5, 2014
What is your website url?
probably wouldnt give this out if you plan on branding it.

Can you sell hardware that you can source overseas?

Sean Kaye

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Jun 14, 2017
Sydney, Australia
Tech sites are hard because it's a saturated market and big sites have lots of authority and history.

My mate Dan runs a site called Penguin Punk - he gets a good audience and has traction in that space.

You need to be technically excellent and your content has to be really high quality to succeed in that space as an independent. The major sites can get away with writing listicles and silly bullshit, but you can't.

Adam VanBuskirk

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Apr 9, 2019
Cleveland, OH
I know this is an old post, but might help others later. I’m in year two of a content business. So far, we (I have a partner) have grown from zero people to 1,500 / day. We make several hundred dollars a month. We are bootstrapping and reinvest all profit back into content creation to fuel growth. We plan on doing this for at least the next five years, maybe longer unless we sell the business.

MJ nailed it in his books - content can be fastlane, but is typically a low-impact, high volume game. You have to hit millions of people to make life changing money. To do that, unless you have lots of capital to begin, plan on many years of hard work to grow the business to a meaningful level. Patience and very prolonged hard work are key.

From my experiences, this is what I would say:

- Plan on years to build the business, not months
- Remember, your content needs to serve a need. People need to be searching for it and NOT currently finding their answers or finding bad answers
- SEO (site design and content) is critical
- Invest profit into more content
- Find a niche in a huge market that has repeatable content for fast creation. For example, you could pay someone to pull vegan recipes off of Pinterest and type them up for your site, always giving you fresh content fast and no copyright issues
- streamline and automate all your processes so you make more money through increased productivity. For example, maybe you write software to pull those recipes instead of paying a human.

Good luck to anyone going the content route like me - it’s a long lonely road littered with tons of boring, hard work lol.

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