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Hey there everyone. I thought I'd poke around for a few days and I like the look of the posts here. I often read financial blogs even though I don't have a head for investing in things like real estate. I'm more of a hands-on professional service oriented type of guy. Still, I figured, hey, why not see what happens? You all seem to have a great and positive attitude towards earning.

I'm a graphic designer, but I do freelance design work on the side and just finished up a year of teaching a night course at college, and I run a website on the side for fun that nets a little extra, but it's mainly a hobby. As you can see, I love doing a variety of projects and I get a kick out of earning money but I don't like the whole "you have to spend money to make money" mindset. I built my website up from nothing, I taught my college class from zero, and my career as a designer didn't cost anything. Okay, sure, I'm not a millionaire, but...well. That's just me.

I'm 27, my wife and I are about 5 months into our first home, in NY (looking for the little freezing guy emoticon... it's 3 degrees after windchill this morning). I like whiskey, and I'm working on scotch. I think I've rambled enough for a first post. So...hey.


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Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome.