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RANT Dealing With a Mother That Dosen't Feel Good & Borrowing Money

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Jul 24, 2019
I'm currently living with my mom but much like @MJ DeMarco I've seen my mom struggling my whole life trying to raise 3 children, but she's also struggling now. When my mom moved out with my dad to live together. She invested all of her money on a Home farm she lived in when she was a little kid, since the plan was to live there in the future.
But after her dad shot himself at the farm everything changed and my mom thought that he had written a sort of paper of the ownership. After some years her mother died also and my mom's little sister took everything from my mom. She took all the parents money and the houses they have left. After the court I have seen my mother sad and depressed, and have in some way lost glimpses of her life. She won't go out on her holidays although it's sunny 86 °F (30 °C) outside. She has lost her ability to take action completely and to do regular stuff as go to the bike store and fix her bike, groceries, go out and in nature and barbeque with me, and because of that, I help her with everything. Now she's working with kids and basically lives paycheck to paycheck. I know that since I also help her with groceries since she also has work damages from one old job she had.

I have worked since I graduated from Upper Secondary School (Free education) but also when studying. I have not worked for the past 8 months and stumbled across Millionaire Fastlane 2 months ago. Right now I feel so amazing since I have free time, although I do not have any fixed salary. I have been dropshipping on the side but will quit doing that.
Let me tell you I F*cking hate working, I feel depressed every time I have to go to work and I have been very open about it. Every job I have had have been very stressful and the job has been: a warehouse worker for a big company here in my country, and a cashier at a bigger city with strange working schedules and mean colleges.

I need advice on what I should do regarding borrowing money but also other opinions. I'm kind of lost what to do since so many in my family have been wanted to borrow money from me also. My dad wanted me to borrow money in December due to his new business that doesn't go so well, and now my sister has been borrowing to her driving license and her boyfriend expenses due to double rent.

I have 3 siblings and have no rich parents.
The oldest sister is living in another city with her boyfriend, and are the typical slowlaners: train drivers, travel, have a house and invest most of their money in funds: that's their "wealth elution".
While my smallest sister lives in the same city as I, and get's everything, only she screams/begging my mom. She also has two horses that need food + rent she has the horses on. And of course, she gets the money for it although my mom lives paycheck to paycheck. I have also gone to psychologists together with my mom when I was 16 years old and discussed why she is borrowing money to my sister, but this has not worked at all, and my mom is still borrowing money to my little sister.

I'm currently in the process of starting my business but I'm afraid that more capital is needed but one more alternative is to raise capital. I don't want to get back to work because I don't know what I would do if I do. Also, the thing that I could not get back the time I have worked still hurts me today. How much capital would be acceptable to stop working and go all-in on your business idea?

Thanks for reading through!

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Jan 27, 2019
First of all I hope that your mother will get better.
My advice would be to learn a skill to raise some capital like web design or copywriting. Another option would be flipping. Both of them would be better than a normal job and would provide a better income than a job.

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