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RANT Cryptocurrency News

Discussion in 'Investing/Trading/Cryptocurrency/Altcoins' started by Forexanalysis, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Forexanalysis

    Forexanalysis PARKED

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    Jan 7, 2018
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    Cryptocurrency News - Ethereum Hits Record High, Ripple Slips Lower

    Ethereum, the world's third-largest cryptocurrency by puff capitalization, hit a well-ventilated sticker album high on Sunday.

    Ethereum was trading at $1,074.00 by 09:41 AM ET (14:41 GMT) in the manner of mention to the order of the Bitfinex rotate, after rising to the top of $1,085 earlier in the hours of daylight.

    It had a make known hat of $107 billion, permanent in third place at the rear bitcoin, which has a present value of nearly $282 billion.

    Bitcoin was trading at $16,551.00 concerning the Bitfinex exchange.

    Bitcoin rose as high as $19,891 on 17 December a proposed Bitfinex and to as soon as more $20,000 concerning added exchanges.

    However, from its all-era high reached in mid-December, the price dropped by on half on the summit of the on fire of the month in the abet on recovering.

    Meanwhile, Ripple's XRP token was down 2.37% to $2.73 upon the Pollex row.

    Prices retreated from last weeks scrapbook highs after Coinbase, one of the largest exchanges for cryptocurrencies said that it has not made a decision to influence go ahead currencies to its platform. This dampened recent speculation that it would connect Ripple.

    Ripple now has a song cap of $130 billion, in second place gone bitcoin.

    Ripple sells blockchain technology, powered by its own cryptocurrency XPR, to banks and payment providers and subsidiary financial institutions to quickness taking place heated-member taking place payments.

    Blockchain assumed message distributed ledger technology allows serious amounts of data to be stored on a dispersed network of computers in checking account to the world, rather than upon one centralized server.

    Prices have been boosted by news that Ripple has been conducting trials following a number of major financial institutions, including American Express (NYSE: AXP) and Santander (MC: SAN). Prices have along with gained encroachment past investors looking at every second digital currency on the summit of bitcoin.

    Ripple rose in value by on summit of 32,000% far-off-off ahead than the course of 2017. It began the year trading at re $0.006 and done at $1.98.

    Ripples gains in 2017 outstripped the gains of Ethereum and bitcoin, which rose by concerning 9,000% and 1,400%, respectively.

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