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Contacting Suppliers for New Trade Accounts

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Sep 7, 2015
I'm in the process of contacting new supplier to try to set up new trade accounts and I have no idea of the best approach to take. I'm torn between sending out emails that are
  • short and blunt i.e. just ask to open a trade account
  • something long that talks about my new store, how I plan to market their products, how I can increase their sales etc
What have other fastlaners had most success with?

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Arun Siva

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Aug 31, 2016
what type of supplier are you targeting? Do they have the proper credentials? you have to act accordingly. It is a two way street. They will be thinking about your position or your status as well. You want to come across professional and do all your due diligence up front about screening potential suppliers partners especially overseas. You need to be specific with what you want from them and how much qunaity etc so they can forecast accordingly. You increasing their sales is not relevant yet because it is unknown that you can in the beginning. you just need to figure out what exactly it is that you want and what you want from them what you expect and what sort of course of action it would take to foster a partnering.

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