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"Consumption," "Production," and Pursuit of Passion


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Feb 19, 2019
My thought of today is there are three types of engagement with value at work. Production, "pursuit," and consumption. The Millionaire Fastlane talks about two of these in its approach: production and consumption. However, in my life, I have found there is a third, in between approach, I am calling it "pursuit." It is a kind of in-between state of production and consumption, and I think MFL also addresses it in the form of the pursuit of one's passion - yet this passion does not pay the bills! And I have lived most of my life in the states of consumption and pursuit.

Pursuit meaning, pursuing production in a “pure” sense - trying to pursue good feelings for their own emotional state - not because of ties to any particular market lever, which would bring the pursuit into production. (Possibly, these three are linked together, as also, to produce, you would likely need to consumer from that same market, to be able to output at the correct level necessary to compete.)

I think a classic example of this pursuit would be in art. People contrast "pure" (fine) art vs "commercial" art (design). People debate which path to travel on - to be a starving artist focused only on one's own inner "ideal," or to "sell-out" and focus on making money from one's art (and thus fuel one's pure-passion journey).

For me, I look at my business career thus far, and I feel I am able to "pursue" business - meaning, try to find the ideal system of work and management for me. So that's why I mention it's more of an in-between state. It's still production - yet not necessarily ideal for making money which would be more outward facing. Versus production, which I would say, would be more like “craftsmanship.” Like an artist I met out in the streets hawking their goods - that person was not pursuing their work for the pure “art” of it - the person was tangibly sitting there, making custom art on the spot and selling goods on the street as “100% handmade.”

So my questions are twofold: what do you think of the theory of "pursuit" (does this correlate to MFL's sections about "passion")? Secondly, is there a good way to turn "pursuit" into money?

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Life Student
May 7, 2019
I am a student and I will act like a student.
I have given my reply in the spreadsheet format.

Money is the last step - I will give credit to @broswoodwork because he did talk about farmer/butcher analogy
and Credit to Demarco Sir for teaching what is value

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Silver Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Oct 16, 2015
I'm a little lost. Is "pursuit" as defined here, like Aristotle's happiness. The end towards which all means aim?


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Feb 19, 2019
I'm a little lost. Is "pursuit" as defined here, like Aristotle's happiness. The end towards which all means aim?
Perhaps, could you please share more about that as I am not very familiar with Aristotle's happiness?

One thing that comes to mind is that, even in the Millionaire Fastlane philosophy, the MJ basically says once his basic needs are being met at the high level, then he is free to pursue his “passion” (can't remember his exact words, but he basically said the book itself was a project of passion for him - just something he wanted to do, not that he had to do to make money).

And he seems to acknowledge that pursuing his passion produced some of his best and most valuable work, such as the book itself, and this forum. So it seems that pursuing one's "passion" can be very valuable indeed, and even possibly more valuable than bringing a lot of "value" on a project that one is not as excited about?

The key though seems to be getting to that level where the needs are already being met, likely on both the money (expenses) and freedom (time) fronts.

If I had enough money and time..., what would I pursue? The only way to find out is to make enough money to clear all basic expenses while maintaining enough free time to pursue those passions. (Ie., it needs to be passive enough income for that to work.) Which pretty much leads right back to the "production" model....

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