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Concept feedback needed for my new educational online brand

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Jul 19, 2019
Hello Fastlaners , I have some ideas that but I need some guidance if I'm on the right track. This might be a bit long but hopefully a kind and knowledgeable soul could help me.

Short background: Soon to be 25 yo, I have a degree in Computer Science and I work full-time as a developer. Sometime this year I switched to Fastlane philosophy as soon as I read the book. I decided I will be free by the time i'm 30 and I won't be working the rest of my life to fulfil other people's dream.

Here's what I'm up to: ever since I was young, I love history and spend a lot of my time reading history stuff and watching documentaries. I love talking as well (tbh I prefer talking than actual programming) so I decided to make a Youtube channel dedicated in history related videos. Videos may be for entertainment or educational but all history related (which I just started and still really small).

Currently, I'm dedicating all of my free time after work producing and marketing my Youtube channel and eventually monetise it. It's a good way to earn passive income but monetising my channel is not really the main purpose it. It is to build my brand. Once I get a solid amount of followers, that's where I start promoting services or products I make to them.

The main product that I'm thinking for now is to start a history-related website that is both entertaining and educational. Content is not yet fixed but I was thinking of paying writers from countries with cheap labor to help me write historical articles that are both educational and entertaining and also allowing users to submit/write their own historical articles. That way I can monetise my own website through ads, sponsorships and affiliate marketings from books, generating leads for other educational companies. I could also make simple games on the website and post some original videos and make it exclusive there (that I would normally post in Youtube) There are tons of possibilities but the articles and blogs are my main focus (for now). As I'm a developer, I could build the website and I could pay my mates to help me with the difficult parts of the code to save time. My programming skills aren't top notch but with my current skillset I should be able to handle the maintenance on my own.

Here are my questions:

1. How feasible is this idea to be a Fastlane business? Cause I feel like I got the scale and passiveness covered but not the control cause I'd be relying heavily on ads and sponsorship.
2. Any better idea which one should I start putting on my website that could earn me income? I'm not really expecting something that could earn thousands of dollars right away but something that will grow exponentially as long as I put effort on it.
3. Any books, articles out there that could help me with this idea?
4. Since I haven't made up my mind with my website yet. I focus mainly now in building my brand and audience in Youtube. Is it a good approach to focus on building audience first through Youtube then start building the site once I get a steady fanbase or should I mainly focus on building my website (once I made up my mind about the website) then upload videos on my channel from time to time like once a week.
5. If anyone has the same experience or ideas with me, can you please share your experience?

Thanks in advance for anyone who responds.

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