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New Contributor
Jan 14, 2008
St. John, USVI
Apple launched it's Mac Air this past month, trying to appeal to business travelers with a snazzy-looking laptop made light and portable. Lenovo just released it's Thinkpad X300, drawing a direct comparison between it and the Air. You can find a good comparison from this link, found from

What type of laptop/computer do you find most suitable for your business needs? I personally like having a desktop as my head hauncho, with the larger monitor and space to see and work from. But I use my laptop all the time, as a backup and when I'm casually browsing at home or on the weekends. Do you have a preferred method or schedule for backing up your files? Do you travel with a backup drive or anything? Or do you find that you manage well traveling with just an iPhone, Blackberry, etc.? Just curious!:)

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Jan 16, 2008
GMT +1
I always carry my business notebook with me with all my data - really all private and business data! - in encrypted filesystems. I use truecrypt for that. Backup is done at home by simply copying this 700MB container files to my private desktop. Once in a while I burn those on CDs and thats it. I survived three hardware crashes with this aproach. No need for more sophisticated backup strategies.


Gold Contributor
Speedway Pass
Oct 31, 2007
Edmonton, Canada
For me the "desktop" computer is dead. I run two laptops, one has a 20" monitor plugged into it, so no lack of screen real estate.

For anyone using Vista, the backup system truly sucks. It took me forever to find a decent replacement but works great and is low cost.

It just takes one click to backup to my portable 2.5" harddrive. All data is on there, and I carry it with me at all times (it's about the size of a normal wallet). So even if I come home and both laptops are gone, or the place is burned to the ground, I can plug in and be back to work without a problem.

Thanks for the link to truecrypt, that's a piece that has been missing, that I worry about. Do you notice any speed loss with it running? Even with a screaming fast computer and 2 gigs ram, I'm still disappointed in how slow Vista is pretty though.

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