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Feb 3, 2020
My name is Charlie and I’m the CEO of CoderSales and our mission is to empower freelance web developers and agency owners with one of the most critical skills needed for entrepreneurship; knowing how to sell. At some point during your journey, you will have to sell your services, sell your vision and ultimately, influence. CoderSales’ bootcamp will help you achieve that.

*To schedule a Zoom call and see if it's a good fit to work together*

First, I should answer… who am I and what merit do I have? So my background before I got into freelancing was selling advertising in a tech magazine. I answered an ad on Craigslist, had no prior sales experience at all and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Fast forward 5 years and I was the top performing rep for 3 straight years before I left. I learned from some of the best in the industry and got to be part of some of the biggest projects in advertising; we got to sell on the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards and Country Music Awards to name a few.

But I liked selling on a no name tech magazine for some weird reason. And by selling I mean I had to learn to prospect, find the decision maker, call the company (while getting around the secretary) and get the CEO on the phone, keep the attention during a pitch and close them. Everything was up to the sales rep at the company I worked at… except the phone. They provided me with a phone. I honed my skills over that timeframe and eventually filled my portfolio with companies like Cleveland Clinic, US Army, Lockheed Martin, LiftMaster/Chamberlain, Escort Radar and Mattel Toys. I can post pictures of the ads if you guys want to see them, the US Army was my favorite one.

Just to reiterate… I SOLD FULL PAGE ADS IN AN UNKNOWN MAGAZINE THAT WASN’T AUDITED AND HAD NO CONTROLLED CIRCULATION TO SOME OF THE BIGGEST BRANDS IN THE WORLD. Now, think of the value of a full page ad then think of the value of a website. What do you think is of more value to the CEO of a company? What will drive more traffic, conversions, thus sales? What is more valuable from a branding and imaging perspective?

So when I watch YouTube videos about how to sell $3,000 websites I internally lose my mind. Not only is that a disservice to the company because it limits the resources of the developer and the amount of time for development, it IMO, ruins the market. And how about the low-level prospects? Is a prospect really trying to negotiate a $3000 website? First of all, a $3000 website should never be presented or an option. For a month of SEO, yes BUT for a website build?? Absolutely. Not.

Second, think of working with that client; they’re going to be a pain in the a$$, want more revisions than agreed upon and scope creep is almost a guarantee.

Are you having imposter syndrome? Do you feel alone? Are you relying on freelance job boards? Are you an introvert? Are you having trouble just finding consistent work?

Want better clients and more money? Learn to get ‘in’ and and close companies with real money. My very first freelancing client was closed in less than 2 weeks and happened in 3 phone calls and was for over $19K USD.

I think I talked to the CEO (after the close) twice and they just let me be to make the website. Do they have time to micromanage me and make sure everything was 100%? No - they were busy running their own business.

CoderSales is the framework for landing high ticket website projects. We teach freelance developers & agency owners how to earn more money (no more $3,000 websites!!!!!), how to automate (wake up to warm leads in your inbox) prospecting, eliminate the feast or famine months and have private coaching from myself and sales coaches I have in my network. Guys that have trained 100’s of sales professionals, managed sales floors with 50 sales reps, run sales meetings to 100 people and will teach you everything you need to know.

The CoderSales curriculum will be 8 in-depth modules:

  • Headspace
  • Prospecting
  • Process
  • Pricing
  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Closing
  • On going coaching
  • Community*

You’re not alone on the freelance journey, we’ll be with you along the way with you in our private community. Learn the 7 components that every sale MUST have. Learn how to negotiate (when necessary). Learn how to challenge a prospect. We’ll clean up your portfolio, your pipeline, your sales process, contacts and everything in between. We’ll help you write cold emails, your 5 point presentation outline, your niche and retention strategy.

Monthly coaching sessions will be from a different coach and go over theory of what you want to know; we want to know your specific struggles so we can pinpoint exactly where you’re at and your situation. I’ll help you execute it.

This is NOT a coding bootcamp. You should at least have a basic understanding of it. This is focusing on the soft skills that are needed in the space. Stefan Mischook said he’s been in tech since the early 90’s and has never heard of something like CoderSales before. We’re super excited for full deployment and how we can empower developers with the tools to maximize their full earnings potential.

We’re running discounted onboarding packages but only for the next 20 seats & before September 29th :

Gold package:
-2 (group) coaching calls per month for 1 year
-Membership to private community for 1 year
-Unlimited access to curriculum
-Monthly Q&A

Only $2,497.50 (as opposed to $4,995).

Platinum package:
-4 coaching calls per month (lifetime)
-1 on 1 coaching (lifetime)
-Lifetime membership to private community
-In person event

Only $4,247.50 (as opposed to $8,495).

*to discuss your current situation and how CoderSales can help, schedule here*

Who are we NOT looking for? The know-it-all, difficult to work with negative people. Please don’t waste anybody’s time here, we ask that you don’t reach out. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer.

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