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Chapter 2 of my life is starting now. From military to entrepreneurship.

Anything related to matters of the mind


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Nov 24, 2022
Hi guys,

I joined the forum like 2 weeks ago and was amazed by all the golden threads here. So here I am posting my first. As it is an intro, maybe it'll not be very interesting in "business terms" because i'm very novice to it but maybe my story can inspire some.

Im a 26yo dude from France and i've been in the air force since 2018.
I enlisted after some failed studies because I couldn't find myself out there (tried engineering, nutrition...), and I didn't want the terrible 9-5 rat race so I joined for some action, exciting/different way of life and something difficult to achieve.
So I aimed for special forces.
It seemed like the best unit of the airforce and promises an extraordinary life.

I tried a 2 week program to discover the aiforce and I was hooked to the idea. The 22yo me who never had a true goal in life finally found a meaning.

Then I went in all gas no brakes.

But the first problems came. I was inapt to become a commando because of myopia. 2 weeks later, I got an eye surgery to remove it, healing went well and 6months later I was finally at airforce school.

After initial courses, I went to my first commando training and I severely injured my ankle (we were running a semi-marathon during night in the complete dark). I had to stop the training course since I couldnt walk and had to start it all over again. It was pretty harsh because I had to wait another 6months to heal, start again, make new camrades and ultimately succeed. I started again and it went better this time, I graduated from this course and then from the Paratrooper school.
I was finally ready to take the next steps towards my great goal, becoming a special forces operator.

I realized my mindset had shifted from when I started, and I was now obsessed with my goal. I did a few other training courses, some very hard (sleeping outside for a month with freezing temperatures, sleeping 5 hours a week, being injured but still walking all night long with heavy backpacks...) and I ultimately went to the 1st step of the special forces course.

I did the whole course and realized I wasnt made for it.
I Idealized my goal and rejected every bad aspects of the job : almost no liberty/free time, nearly impossible relationships, and the risk to die/being severly injured/getting a PTSD for life.

During the process, I think I've built a very strong mindset focused on long term goals, learning from the obstacles and overcoming them to become the best version of myself.
I also learned some very strong values and a lot about myself in shitty situations.

After 4 years of giving it all to my goal (and the airforce), I decided to leave to become an entrepreneur.
I now crave liberty, independance and still big accomplishments.
I'm still in the military for a year but i dedicate all my free time to learning how to start a business/figuring what to start.

The lessons I learned during this journey are :
1. If you really believe in youself and in your goal, everything is possible, every obstacle will make you stronger afterwards.
2. Don't wait for the perfect moment to start : there will never be. START NOW.
3. Partners are essential during hard times.
4. You can fail as long you learn from your mistakes and get experience.

I hope you'll have the courage to read this loooong post and it inspired you.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask !
(I'm also looking for a mentor, please send me a pm if you're interested in my next adventure).
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Speedway Pass
Dec 8, 2021
Thanks for sharing! I'm learning number 4. on your list. "You can fail as long as you learn and get experience." If you're looking for a mentor, I know you'll find one here. And you can check out @LightHouse too.

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