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Capitalizing on opportunity for freelance copywriting for friend's growing business


Apr 1, 2018
Hi guys,

I'm wanting to get into IoT and have a friend who is letting me try some of my copywriting with her in the space.
Also, after some research, it also appears like it's something with a very promising future.

So here's my dilemma:
I feel pretty confident from everything I've learned from Lex and other suggestions from this site, but I really want to make the most of this.

So here are the questions I'm curious about:
-Should I just go ahead and do my best fixing up a site and use something like google analytics to measure its effectiveness? Basically, be confident and learn from trial and error.
-Is there such thing as hiring anyone to review my copywriting to confirm I'm on the right path?

i tried doing a search for internet of things on the forums, but didn't find many results. Do you guys agree that making a blog on that niche (possibly even focusing more on smart cities specifically) would be a good idea?

Thanks for your time and hope I posted this on the right place. I always value the advice on this forums.

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Jun 18, 2018
New York

I can tell by your post that you're sincere about wanting to do right by your friend. You could've jumped right in, but the fact that you thought it over first says a lot about your character.

Personally, I would just be upfront with your friend and let them know that, while you'd love to help them, you are also using this as a learning experience and are not yet a pro. If you're friend understands that there will be bumps along the road (there will be even with pros) then get started asap.

Also, you had mentioned starting a blog. I would highly recommend doing this because it helps you get found organically and become somewhat of an authority in that niche. With content, the more the better. If you can put out something small, but valuable daily (or even weekly) you'll be ahead of the game.

Good luck!

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