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Canabis Seeds ?

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WholeFlips Wholesaling Houses Virtually
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Feb 28, 2012
Downtown Phoenix, AZ
Does anyone sell Canabis seeds to dispensaries? I kind of see this being a huge market with all these dispensaries around. I know it is a booming business and like the saying says "When there is a gold rush sell shovels.

Does anyone know anything about seeds ?
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Jun 8, 2016
It's Difficult to get licensed to Ship seeds across Borders.

Most large dispensaries are running strains from reputable breeders, or ones they have relationships with, or their own crosses.

No dispensary is just going to buy just any seeds from anyone. You must get strong lineage and cross breed, and backcross, create a STABLE genetics line. (I mean you can take plant A x Plant B, but the entire community will shun you, and no one will want to purchase that.)

Your better bet would be to create a Seed Company. But then you're producing Marijuana so you better have a legal facility to do it at scale. And understand producing Marijuana is a FULL TIME job. A crop takes months, and one A/C or Fan goes out and you could ruin an entire crop overnight. If you don't like gardening, don't grow Cannabis.

If you do create a seed company, be prepared to give away ridiculous amounts (100s/1000s) of seeds of one particular strain. Be prepared to grow the seeds and get them into the culture (Cannabis Competitions) to prove they're Top Notch. You'll need a lot of people willing to grow and show what they can prove. $$$$$$$$$ ..... basically.

You could try to Create "A Strain" and licence it to dispensaries, but I don't see how any "ONE" strain can be that highly sought after or special. (Well, maybe if you're like Wiz Khalifa you can get away with something like that.)

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