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Business in Costa Rica


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I'm living in Costa Rica and I want to start some business from here, I'm a psychology and advertising student with serious interest in business and entrepreneurship and I'm looking for business opportunities.

1.Do you have any business ideas related to ecommerce?
2.Do you have any idea about exporting a product and somebody selling it in USA or another area?
3.What kind of advantages/opportunities do I have to look in this situation?
4.Somebody interested in doing business with me? :smxB:

First I thought about selling something directly on Ebay, but paypal keeps the payments (I only can use that money buying something else through paypal) so maybe is not the best option. I'm looking for other ways.

Thanks in advance!!! :thumbsup:


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Paypal keeps the payments??? Is this just a Costa Rica thing? I am able to transfer money in and out of paypal easily by linking a bank account.