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Business books are about escapism and fantasy. Just like romance novels.

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Nov 13, 2014
This article is completely correct.

The reason most people read business books is to avoid taking action.

You know the "read a book a week and it compounds over time and you end up being the God Emperor!11!!"?

Action fakers, the lot of them.

The reality is simply this:

Once you read a good book on a topic, two if it's broad, you are starting to read the same rehashed stuff over and over.

So why do it? Because if you don't read you have to actually do shit.

Most people will never take action. It's just a reality. You can lead an horse to water...

And that's fine, really. It's human nature. Hell, I know I was like that for a long time.

If people enjoy the book as entertainment, they are getting value from it.

I think if the information is good and actionable, and the people who want to take action can get results, then it's fine.

TMF is a prime example of this.

The main takeaway here:

If you are struggling with reading another book or blog or guide or pdf because you are looking for a secret, or to build a system..

STOP. If you know what the absolute first step is, take that first step already.

You are like a carpenter learning material engineering before hammering a nail to a beam.

It's natural to feel resistance to action. It's also a sure way to never succeed.

Again. If you know the absolute first thing you need to do, DO IT NOW. Don't wait to figure it out. You won't ever.

Actionable advice: follow a system for yourself. The rule is 1 hour of learning, 19 hours of doing.

I'm being literal here. If you read 5 hours today, you have 95 hours of work to do.
That's almost 12 days at 8 hours of work a day. Track this shit.


Doing teaches you more than reading. At a rate of 20:1.

This is an absolutely non-scientific ratio I just pulled out of my a$$ on a cold Sunday morning.

It's also completely true.

Andy Black

Making a nuisance of himself on Twitter
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May 20, 2014
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Platinum Contributor
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Apr 1, 2016
Greenville, SC
two if it's broad, you are starting to read the same rehashed stuff over and over.

"Business books" have taken on the role of seminars and motivational videos, in print form. There's no real substance in them, with the occasional nugget (more on that later).

Like MJ pointed out in TMFL with his web development: when he got to a problem, he figured out a way to fix it.

"Business" is not a problem.

What in particular is stopping you from moving forward? Sales? Hiring? Marketing?


Now we're getting somewhere...

Where in sales are you having trouble? Prospecting? Pitching? Closing?

Pick up a book on prospecting. Read it. Try it.

Does it work?

If no: read another. try another.

If yes: move on to the next problem.
However, I think for the most part, we're all in agreement. Reading + Massive Action = Results.

Even reading "business books" have their benefits, if you can look at the glass half full. They can expose you to unknown unknowns, for example:

A while back I listened to The Art of the Deal by Trump. I don't remember much from it, except for 1 story.

One of Trump's acquaintances built a successful multi-million dollar venture, then sold it. Many years later, he came out of retirement and bought it back, but it couldn't be rejuvenated back to life.

The one line that sticks out from that story is when the acquaintance tells Trump, "Donald, I lost momentum." (The lesson I got from that: if something works, keep doing it and don't stop and say, I'll pick it up later)

With most things, it seems the lesson comes back to...

It's not what you have, but what you do with what you have:

The splitting of the atom, can be the most destructive force on earth, or it can be a source of limitless energy.

A phone can be a distraction, or a way of facilitating sales.​

A book can be an action fake, or it can help you reach the next level.​

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