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INTRO Brief Intro, CPA


New Contributor
Aug 20, 2019
I want to be an entrepreneur because I want to be in control of things more than being an employee (even if I am responsible for the failure). Also I want to have more upside potential. I want to create something or birth something. I think being an employee can often be like being a beggar (when applying for jobs) and a follower- although employees are essential and there are many amazing key employees. I have only ever been an employee mostly. I am 37. My 20s were basically nomad, travelling, and I went back to school in my 30s so basically (I am 37) I have been working as an employee in the system for 3-4 years as a normal person. I have always had drive and for what it's worth intelligence and curiosity but clueless about how to get started. I didn't even know how get jobs in the employee's market here in Minneapolis. I remember getting rejected for basic jobs with a college degree. Right now I have an accounting degree and I'm a CPA. I kinda wish I would have gone back into engineering. I already had a finance degree so I thougth it would be quicker. I do like knowing accounting and so far all I've done is auditing (3 years, ready to switch), but kinda think maybe engineering would have been more interesting for me. Never too late but college debt?

I also like computers. I'm taking online courses in coding (C++, python, on udemy). I can still do all this stuff, it's not too late but I want to put it in a clear path as much as possible.

Fn job takes the best 40(plus) hours of the week, so that's why you should have a job where you grow, because they are the prime hours- otherwise you have to work around those hours and things take time, plus fight traffic.

I have many interests- jiu jitsu, lifting (Rippetoe fan here), ballroom dance, climbing, etc. I am already an entrepeneur with real estate- own three townhomes. I love that and plan to keep buying and holding.

I don't know how to get started. I don't want to be a forum jockey. I've never really been one. Forums provide great value but some people maybe get stuck on them. That's never been my problem. What's step 1? Determining step one, what journey I can take, is the key. There are too many choices for one, and for two, many things seem out of reach. These things combined, in addition to the uncertainty of things, freeze me in my tracks. That doens't mean I do nothing. I sharpen the saw, keep learning, taking courses, and right now looking for a better job opportunity for the short run (move out of public). I'm not doing nothing, but it's not 'entrepreneurial' and I have never been able to figure that one out. I'm not into being "entrepreneurial" for the name only. I like the idea of running or managing something, that's yours, that you have to get up early for maybe, and sweat for, but are responsible for the success and failure of- and also something that can grow and scale and really reward you financially and pay you off. It's a lot different than just being an employee and working the grindstone- so it's not just about the 'title' of entrepreneur. Who cares about that? Titles are fun, like frosting on a cake, but are not the cake. So I don't know how to get started. I can achieve goals, just not this type of goal. Maybe I have to be prepared to invest more- but I hate debt. I am like Dave Ramsey- I mean personal debt. Unlike him I'm fine with business/RE debt. I love that stuff, in moderation or under control but I have a mortgage to pay. No guts no glory, but still I haven't found the path to what I could do to start. I don't know if I'd do tech entrepreneur or what. I just had the idea I can try build an app (a very simple app) and get it on the play store, and see where things go. I keep just doing things for the sake of doing them, for the sake of growth and clearing new hurdles and seeing where they take me. That's fun, but so far a business has not materialized. If I inherited all the money I could want, I might become an artist/philanthropist, in the form of music, but I haven't gotten great at music, though I do play a few things. I like computers and technology, and music the most, and different sports- not that much team sports, but like climbing, jiu jitsu, etc. Joe Rogan is one of my favorite types of people. He does so much that I love and would love to be in his shoes.

Yeah that's me. I am really trapped right now in the 'rat race' and it's not serving me, though I have no debt not secured by real estate. Each month getting more equity. I am at the base of my career so things can only go up from there, but I want to go up in a different direction if possible, not get caught in the employee trap. Even if I just stay an employee and get to upper management of a good company, that's fine I guess though I'd prefer the other. I just want to make something of myself, not be average, mediocre, not let my talents go to waste, not be unchallenged and unstimulated. First world problems boy. I suffer from first world problems, and both desire and ambition as well as envy drive me, but I could use more discipline, focus and clarity and time. More time please. Hello all.

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome aboard, there are several CPA's on the board.

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