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Brainstorming - parenting niche

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Oct 7, 2021
I've read all of MJs books and they have totally changed my mindset, particularly the grim reality of my sleepwalk into the 9-5 and 'sidewalker' mediocrity

I have an unusual opportunity that has come up which is giving me the chance to cross-promote a new business of my choice to a fairly narrow audience.

I'm currently working backward to try and figure out what product or service I could offer. Broadly the audience is made up of:

- Parents - (age of children 2 -14 years)
- Aged 25 - 40
- Predominantly mothers
- Mid-level socio-demographic grouping
- Value convenience but are still value conscious
- Value an active family lifestyle
- Are open to subscription business models/new concepts

I have been brainstorming what can I offer of value to this niche, my broad categories are:

Rental services - clothing, strollers, children's furniture

eCom - children's outdoor games, clothing, ethical goods

Subscription boxes - mother/baby/child subscription boxes

Education - online classes targeted at stay at home parents, or online classes for older children

Mother's beauty/wellbeing

Clearly, all these initial ideas have their own pros and cons, even before becoming more specific, my main concern is there is nothing here that is new.

I would need to be bringing something to the table which solves something not being catered for by the incumbents - and that's where I'm at a dead end.

I fear I'm getting stuck in 'analysis paralysis' but would value the input of anyone who has successfully (or unsuccessfully!) attempted to launch something in this niche.

Parents on the forum who identify with the above - what pains do you need solving?

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Jun 8, 2017
What are the current cons of the listed initial ideas, that you could solve?

If you cannot solve anything, is there a way you can 'hide' a con or put emphasis on a pro?

If you have to create something 'new', is there a way to combine two or more already existing offers into one, or brand offers in a new way?

If not, is there a way you can sell existing offers through new channels or accept new methods of payment/delivery etc. ?


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Jun 1, 2019
my main concern is there is nothing here that is new.

I used to have this same concern, and wasted years before learning my lesson: most new ideas aren't good. (Particularly most new ideas created by a person with no business experience.) If you come up with a new idea and see nobody doing it; maybe they aren't doing it for a reason.

Yes, you can be the first person to invent a personal spaceship, but then you won't be on this forum asking for advice, and you won't need MJ's books for inspiration.

Put differently, if you have a direction you are completely committed to, and you will succeed or die, good luck to you. You have my deepest respect and admiration, and you don't need my advice.

If you have even a shadow of a doubt, don't try to invent something absolutely new and groundbreaking.

Your list is fine. Start a stroller business. Start an online education course. Make a beauty product for mothers. Don't try to invent an entire category if you have never built a business, you've just stumbled upon the idea of starting a business, and you aren't even doing it full-time. Do something that you know people need. Something people are used to paying for.

Just my experience. Feel free to disagree and do otherwise.


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May 7, 2014
It kind of seems like you've missed a step here.

You've gone straight from audience demographics to products.

You said "I have been brainstorming what can I offer of value to this niche", but what you listed were not forms of value added to their lives. They are just a list of product categories.

You need to be thinking in terms of the impact that you can have on their life. What their current pains and problems are. What the future dream looks like for them of an ideal day in their life.

Ask yourself:
What are they often frustrated about?
What do they complain about?
What does a day look like in their shoes right now?
What is the biggest result or impact you could help them achieve?
What are the other solutions out there right now?

You say "my main concern is there is nothing here that is new." - but that is a GOOD THING. You have all these proven ideas that you can simply use and improve upon. They simply PROVE that there is a demand for these things.

You can then look at these current solutions and improve them.

Start looking at all of these products you listed. Read the reviews that customers leave. What do they like and not like about them? How could you come up with something better?

You could go to Amazon right now, go to some parenting-related category, and get tonnes of ideas.

You also ask "Parents on the forum who identify with the above - what pains do you need solving?" but you're in an ENTREPRENEURS forum. Go to a parents forum where people talk about parent problems! I've never been on one but I can guarantee you there are tons out there. This is something people are extremely passionate about.

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