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"Biz for Sale" Bird this a thing?


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Sep 20, 2016
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A little bit of background: I've just sold my first business after running it for 2 years.
Not "FU" money yet, but it's some good padding to think about the next opportunity.

One thing I'll say is I've learned a LOT through this process, and after selling immediately began looking into businesses to buy. I'm naturally a spreadsheet maniac and began examining a few businesses on flippa and scoring them strictly on the numbers...


Although I'm not going to jump on these myself, what I love about this process is the mental exercise of compiling information, examining a market, crunching numbers, weighing risks, and potentially pitching a biz to a buyer. Strategy was always my strong point in all biz endeavors...basically anything other than running the business itself I was pretty good at, and this seems like a potential vehicle.

My question there such a thing as a "bird dog" for businesses? Are there guys who only look for businesses all day? If so, do they only exist within brokerages or investment firms? Can you do this solo?

I can see the need exists for investors who don't want to spend hours finding good deals, and I take a cut of the business purchase.

So far, it seems like the only real place to pursue a path like this is by working at an investment firm. Probably not a bad gig but I don't have control.

Any insight is appreciated.

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Sep 24, 2019
This is definitely a thing.

There are business brokerages that do this for sellers and buyers.

On the sell-side, these firms have the infrastructure and systems in place to handle the sale, the know-how to sell fast and at good prices, and a network of interested buyers to bring the deal to.

On the buy-side, they guarantee the business numbers, and the valuation. Clients know they aren't buying a lemon.

The easiest model you could start with is consulting for private buyers.

Get some traffic from some MMO list, and start qualifying potential clients.

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