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Big Idea


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Nov 5, 2018
Hello my fellow fastlaners, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread but I have a question and figured I would throw it out there for everyone. If you had a great idea which could potentially lead to great wealth but its potential relies on the cooperation of a much bigger business do you think relying on this other company to come through is a bad idea. My thoughts are I can probably get this idea to work without the cooperation of this big business, hell I don't even know if this company would want to work with my company but my idea has unlimited growth potential and also brings this other company some value, but it would be so much easier with there help. Do you think I need to convince them about my idea or just figure out a way to get this idea work without them and then convince them down the road about it. Not exactly sure which way to go on this. Thanks

The Abundant Man

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Jul 3, 2018
I remember reading in Alex Becker's 10 Pillars of Weatlh he tells a story of Ben and Roy.

Ben and Roy are both car salesman. Ben read books on selling fearing he might mess up. So he studied how he could prevent that from happening. Roy on the other hand realized that he hadn't sold a car that day. So he googled how to sell. The next day he sold a car.

Ben again saw on the news that a salesman from another town got sued for selling a defective car. So he learned about defective cars and how to prevent them.

Roy found he had a problem with negotiating. So he googled how to negotiate.

Ben still hadn't sold a car. Roy already sold four cars.

An angry customer yelled at Roy the next day for getting car details wrong. Roy apologized and refunded the customer. Ben got scared of this and studied all the details of every car.

Roy fixed the issue and sold 6 cars. Ben still hadn't sold anything. His boss called him in and fired him for not selling anything.


Apr 15, 2016
Anchorage, AK
A good way to pitch to a large cooperation would to be able to show them proof of concept. Be able to show them it’s working so it limits there concerns and risk.

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