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Berkshire Hathaway - Precious Metals


New Contributor
Jan 18, 2008
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Here's some interesting commentary. I've never heard of this Gannon guy before, this is his commentary site: Gannon

His first one is on Berkshire Hathaway. I find the topic of Berkshire Hathaway to be pretty interesting and while I don't understand Buffet's formula, I know the price of precious metals factors into it. I'm not too into precious metals, but here's a site all about it if you are: Gold Eagle


New Contributor
Jan 22, 2008
Perhaps they have the best investment record in the history of the civilized world. Need I say more? Great company. Built for the ages. A financial fortress. One of the cleanest, strongest balance sheets in the world. One of the very few companies with a AAA credit rating. No one treats their shareholder's better. Currently undervalued on an intrinsic value basis. Who has ever gone wrong buying Berkshire? You've got to be willing to buy and hold it. It's not going to be any investment fireworks with this....just steady compounding gains.

Sincerely, Kevin Pickell

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