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Ben Mallah - The Real Estate King Who Keeps it.. Real


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Mar 17, 2016
Hey all,

There's a guy on youtube by the name of Ben Mallah. His history from what I can gather is this; he had a hard childhood and his parents were abusive. After that he got into some criminal activity but learned his lesson fast. Then he joined the military.

That was his incubator. When he got through it, he started working in real estate. Mostly sweat equity to start with small duplexes and he learned along the way. Today he's a multi-millionaire(but maybe not on paper) because he uses a tactic called 1031 to roll his proceeds from properties into new ones. This way he avoids capital gains tax. He still smokes Pall Malls and he's not an idol for physical health, but damn is he a refreshingly entertaining guy.


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New Contributor
Dec 25, 2013
Life For Sale is, without question, my most favorite YouTube "show" ever. While most Youtube shysters are trying to get you like & subscribe & buy their $5k get-rich-quick courses.....Ben is not. He's hilarious and the brute is extremely likeable. He gives some very straight forward advice and the lessons are very real world.

His "secret" to his ~$150M valuation is having started as a slumlord (while working with a mentor/investor) by operating in the worst ghettos and crackhouses back in the day. Also, government assisted housing and government assisted senior. Essentially working with stuff (and the associated headaches), most other investors would not touch. Buying distressed properties and selling them higher from a combination of time, market appreciation and renovation. Then 1031-ing the capital gains into other rinse-n-repeat deals. Thereby deferring tax bills for decades. A good problem to have but one that will be expensive at some point in the future.

Love Ben Mallah....he seems very genuine. Danny the Rat is okay.

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