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Aug 27, 2007
I was at the store today and (It saddens me to say) I just saw a bunch of people beat down by life. My question is this...

Would you agree that it's human nature to just do the bare minimum to survive or have other simple needs? I'm not talking about Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but are most of us inherently lazy? I read somewhere that most of history people really didn't work anywhere near as much as we in the US do now. Furthermore they hated to work - period...

Perhaps becoming successful is not so far out but bucking the trends of laziness, undisciplined, lack of courage, fear of failure etc. Does success come because it's easier to be lazy, etc and most just give up trying and settle, thus separating you from the pack??

Any thoughts?

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New Contributor
Nov 6, 2007
I think people do what they know. Most people don't know any other way to live, be or do. And if they do happen to see another way, they think it's too hard because it requires changing what they know, or changing the people in their life. It's a tough cycle to break...

Being open to change, and making connections with the people who can make you successful is a very scary thought for most.

I think successful people love change, and love learning new concepts and new ways of doing things -- even if it means failing every once in a while. Because now they know what to do better next time.

Just my opinion.


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Aug 29, 2007
I agree with live42dy. Although I am sure sheer laziness accounts for a portion of it, I choose to believe that the majority is a direct result of lack of knowledge. A lot of people are told, day in and day out, that life is a struggle - strap in and get ready for a long ride. They are told that there is nothing they can do to change it, they were dealt a bad hand and that is just the way life is. You hear something long enough and it becomes very difficult to break that thought pattern, particularly if there is no one else showing you another way.

It makes me crazy, when I think about it too long. It's not fair that no one is around to teach a different thought process. We did not have a lot of money growing up but my mom worked her *** off and if we wanted something really bad, which was not a necessity, we were put on a monthly payment plan. We were also taught to listen and have an open mind - there is always something to learn.

The 'bare minimum' is not even taught in most public school systems. Kids should be taught about their credit, about how to manage monthly bills, etc. I agree that, ideally, this should be something which is taught at home but if you want to break the cycle, it must be taught in elsewhere. You can hardly expect someone who does not know how to manage themselves, to teach the next generation.

This is why giving back is so important. I am SO thankful (this may belong in another thread) for all that I have learned and will continue to learn. I catch myself thinking about what life would have been like, had I just carried on, status quo. It very easily could have happened. Simply subtract a few key, life-changing events, from my history and it all would have been different. Not that it would have been awful.....but I this is so much more exciting. To be truly free......fantastic.


Aug 27, 2007
Knowledge is a tricky one. We all have access to the public library with which I absolutely think that one can become whatever he / she wants by the learning and application of the resources within.

But being taught the "why" to strive, believing it's possible, and learning the mindset to excel is a different animal. I agree, we mostly do what's most comfortable. What's fascinating is that if you keep doing what's uncomfortable and learning and growing I believe you'll find success simply because few are doing it.

Human conditioning is fascinating. I knew a girl who just graduated high school. She was washing dishes at night in the summer. Had a free ride to go to college bc low income. Mom was on welfare and did nothing to improve. This young girl opt-out of college perhaps she saw no reason why she should. :bgh:


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Nov 12, 2007
suburbs of savannah in Ga
untill someone or something turns on that lightbulb all the knowledge, even at your fingertips let alone the library or the entire world isnt going to help you...

you cant know what you dont know. so how could you go learn it. you have to have that instinct brought from something or someone to turn it on to get you looking in the first place. and even then its not very easy to find it takes disclipne to find out what you need to know and then in most cases totally change the way you think....

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